Taiwan: County Magistrate's Wife: "It's So Harmonious and Awe-inspiring!"

As part of its 2010 world tour, the New York-based Shen Yun Performing Arts staged its first of four shows at the Chiayi Performing Arts Centre in Chiayi City, Taiwan on March 27th, 2010.

Among the many celebrity guests in attendance was Penghu County Magistrate's wife, Wang Lixue, who expressed a wish to have Shen Yun perform in her hometown.

Facing many difficulties in booking plane tickets to the show for herself and forty others, she excitedly said, "Today we made it to the Shen Yun show, as if we had been helped by gods!"

During intermission, Ms. Wang said, "It's a great pleasure to watch the show; it's really inspiring! Much to my surprise, there was such a perfect fusion of Chinese and Western instruments. It's so harmonious and awe-inspiring!"

Ms. Wang commented on the captivating picture that was shown at the beginning of each Shen Yun program, saying, "Audiences found their breath taken away by the beginning of each programme. As the curtain rose, members of the audience could be heard exclaiming 'Wow!'"

She continued, "Rarely in my life have I seen such a spectacular show. Each programme, each step, the colours of the costumes, music, and dance; Wow, they go perfectly well with one another!"

Ms. Wang deeply appreciated the way Shen Yun brought to life the five thousand years of Chinese culture through the medium of dance and music. "The Shen Yun show represents very terrific classic Chinese dance, really terrific."

Ms. Wang hopes that one day Shen Yun can perform in her hometown. "I am wondering if Penghu will have the chance and the pleasure to invite Shen Yun to perform in Penghu. I hope that the New York-based Shen Yun Performing Arts can schedule an additional show in Penghu, since we rarely see a company as terrific as Shen Yun in Penghu. I sincerely hope we can have the honor," she said.

Fine Art Association President: "It was indeed a visual and auditory feast!"

Also in the audience was Ms. Zhang Biyin, president of the Chiayi City Fine Arts Association, who attended the show with two of her colleagues.

"I feel so peaceful as if I were in a fairyland. I felt very comfortable," Ms. Zhang said after the show.

"It was indeed superb. Every programme was so wonderful that it was indeed a visual and auditory feast! You can see the backdrops are moving animations, dynamic. As for the dancing, their postures, costumes, and colours, they are so spectacular. My colleague sitting next to me, Ms. Xu, who is also a teacher, told me she thought that the colours were so rich and vibrant, and looked exceptionally elegant."

She believes that the show has elements in it that are capable of purifying people's hearts. "Frankly speaking, as society is in such a mess nowadays, I think this kind of programme and show should be performed everywhere so as to purify people's hearts. Really, after sitting here, I have a feeling that such a gorgeous program should be seen by everyone."

Ms. Zhang ended by saying, "Fortunately, I am here today. It would have been a great pity to have missed the show."

Chair of Graduate Institute of Music: "It's quite outstanding!"

Jun-Hsien Chang, director of the Department of Music and chair of the Graduate Institute of Music in Chaiyi University said that he thoroughly enjoyed the show.

"The music I'm familiar with is mostly classical music. It's stunning to see that Shen Yun Performing Arts combines dancing, live orchestra, and backdrop-such diversity of changes," he said.

Mr. Chang was full of praise for the backdrops, saying, "The design of the backdrop is quite fabulous. The backdrops match the music. The clever changes with music and dances take people into the scene seamlessly. It's very great."

Mr. Chang thought the orchestra was "excellent" adding, "The pieces written by the composers are very good. In the aspect of combination of the Chinese and Western instruments, it's rich of imagination. The music contains a lot of the features and material of our Chinese music. It's quite outstanding! Both the performance and the composing are quite marvelous."

Regarding the dance sets, he said, "Although I'm a layman, I can see that they have a very good foundation. The dancers are confident when performing and the dance movements are very beautiful. Overall, I think it's an artistic show."

In conclusion, Mr Chang felt that the show had the power to bring out the goodness in a being's heart, saying, "Through personally being here, I experienced the feeling that Chinese culture can get inside your heart and I could directly feel that it can cultivate your temperament as well."



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