Bregenz, Austria: "I Have Never Seen Such Perfection!"

The Shen Yun Touring Company was greeted by beautiful weather during the two days they performed at the Bregenzer Festspielhaus (Festival House).

The Shen Yun Performing Arts show in the Bregenzer Festspielhaus was well attended by a highly appreciative audience. The audience showed its enthusiasm through resounding applause throughout the performances, standing ovations and several curtain calls before the last curtain closed.

Jutta Lenz, a psychiatrist and sports scientist, owner of a management-consulting firm, had bought a ticket to the show after seeing the beautifully dressed dancers in the advertisements.

Jutta Lenz, a psychiatrist and sports scientist, owner of a management-consulting firm.

"The show is superb. I am thrilled to be here. I have never seen such perfection. Excellent," she said. "The dances were very impressive. I found them to be superb."

Reflecting on her appreciation of the dances she said "Well, it was the diversity. The precision. It was amazing to see so many people on the stage, performing such complicated movements--and all were in sync."

She added, "I understand because of my background that what the dancers have shown is extremely difficult, terribly difficult. They achieved complete synchronization and that is what impressed me the most. I couldn't take my eyes of the stage."

Ms. Lenz had met Falun Gong practitioners in Australia and spent some time talking with them. She was profoundly touched to see scenes depicting the persecution of Falun Gong in China. Because she knows what is happening in China she is pleased that world-wide audiences can know about their suffering through dance and song.

"This type of telling of the facts of what is happening in China is very important," said Ms. Lenz.

She continued, "Now, I really understand the extent of the persecution. I was horrified. But, the artists brought it very well into the open. I think that this is of the greatest importance. The way it is being done in this show will leave a lasting impression on people. This way, one will remember a rendition of what one has seen on stage in one's mind."

The show made such a deep impression on her that she said, "I will see the show again next week. And, I have already told people to go and see this show, even before seeing it performed and I will continue to do so."

'It was very impressive!'

Dr. Gerhild Fellner, counsel at Feldkirch's accounting division and Dr. Werner Fellner, head of general counsel at the Austrian Chamber of Commerce and European rights expert, attended the Shen Yun Performing Arts show in the Bregenzer Festspielhaus (Festival House).

Dr. Gerhild Fellner and Dr. Werner Fellner were attracted by the fliers and advertisements for the show and were glad they had come. "Yes, it was very impressive," said Dr. Gerhild.

She loved "the dances, the costumes, the dazzling colours, the jewellery, all the artists, including the dancers, singers and musicians," and said that it was impressive to hear for the first time Eastern and Western musicians playing instruments from both worlds.

Dr. Gerhild Fellner, counsel at Feldkirch's accounting division and Dr. Werner Fellner, head of general counsel at the Austrian Chamber of Commerce and European rights expert.

She spoke of the performances that depicted the on-going persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China. "I also saw dances that expresses serious issues. That was also presented very well."

It especially touched her that the artists, "expressed happiness and joy in all they did on stage. Despite the bodily exertion, the dancers had a delightful smile on their faces. This displayed the beauty of the dance."

The choreography was, in her eyes exceptional, "I thought that the dancers were always in sync. There wasn't one misstep. Especially during the dance with the silken sleeves [Flowing Silk] was unique. Whenever they moved those sleeves, they were in unison. It was wonderfully coordinated."

In the dance Flowing Silk, silken sleeves flow softly through the air, much like drifting ribbons in the breeze. A lighthearted melody complements young maiden's soft smiles and spins. Dances such as this with what Chinese call "water sleeves" are a favourite in classical Chinese dance. The sleeves' patterns conjure an image of rippling water.

Her husband, Dr. Werner Fellner, expressed his appreciation for the erhu performance. "I very much enjoyed the two-stringed instrument. The tonal quality of the erhu, and the way it is played, allows the musician to express feelings exceptionally well."

This show brings true Chinese art

Manuel Reiter, president of Bo's Farm, a hemp products trading company from Hamburg, and his wife Ms. Sabrina Hartmann bought tickets to the Shen Yun Performing Arts show in the Bregenzer Festspielhaus (Festival House) on recommendation of a business friend.

Manuel Reiter and wife Sabarina Hartmann bought tickets to the Shen Yun on recommendation of a business friend.

"A business friend told us that the show was not an everyday extravaganza, but something that is very unique. Every time we saw him he told us more about the show. We wanted to enjoy something special after my wife delivered our baby and he told us that he had found the extraordinary for us."

Mr. Reiter was profoundly touched by the performances and said, "The show was, just as we expected, outstanding. I had heard a lot about the show and have to admit that after seeing this show, that one can't truly do justice to the show unless one sees it personally. It was phenomenal!"

"I expected dazzling colours, much fun, beautiful costumes and great music that was different than I heard before. My expectation was very high. And, I can only say, what I had seen tonight surpassed everything I have heard."

Ms. Hartmann couldn't agree more, "I was fascinated by the colours, the instruments and the music. I was completely mesmerised. It was so different from what we usually see. It truly was very interesting and I loved the entire show."

"The choreography and the backdrop pictures in conjunction with the costumes was perfect," she added. "The tones that we heard coming from the instruments were fantastic. I absolutely loved the tones I heard."

Her husband was delighted to learn about classical Chinese culture, it's richness and depth, "We learned a lot about Chinese culture. Now, we received a different picture about China – joy, happiness and something that one could celebrate. This show is not what one knows of today's China. It gives a wonderful picture. It gives a picture that exudes effortlessness and happiness."

He had much to say about the show, "The performance shows China in a different light. It shows true hospitality. This show brings true Chinese art, something no one else has done during this century."

Reflecting on how the performances had touched him he said, "The kindness and the smile in the faces of the artists hides the effort put into producing such a show. This show is not commercialized, but brings to the forefront the fervour of the artists."

He ended by saying, "This is the perfect evening entertainment. It is difficult to discuss the details of the show – there are too many. For me, the ethnicity of the show is of great importance – the humanness."

"What I had seen tonight surpassed everything I have heard. I gave my wife and myself something we truly enjoyed."


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