Bregenz, Austria: "I Felt As If Spring Had Arrived"

BREGENZ, Austria – Antonia Frick, President of the Foundation Liechtenstein, and her sister attended Shen Yun's opening Austria performance on March 23.

"I loved the show. What impressed me most was the depiction of heavens and the worldly realm. It was absolutely fantastic. The dazzling colours and the dance, and the rhythm – just about everything was absolutely wonderful. I was amazed by everything I saw," said Ms. Frick.

Antonia Frick, President of the Foundation Liechtenstein.

She was very touched by the scene Nothing Can Block the Divine Path, where a mother and daughter performed Falun Dafa exercises in a park and were discovered by police. The police carried out orders to arrest and break the will of anyone who follows this peaceful spiritual discipline.

"When I watched the scene about mother and daughter, I was deeply touched by the separation. It clearly showed what is going on in today's China. I broke out in tears during that scene. But, one hopes with all ones heart that the situation will change in the near future. Such scenes are in touch with reality."

Ms. Frick said that she will not miss next year's show. This year, she came on the recommendation of her daughter and decided that she will buy a ticket for the next day's show.

Shen Yun: 'Truly Beautiful!'

Johann Pirker, owner of the Woechinger tourism bureau, located in one of Bregenz's suburbs, and his wife Birgi Pirker, partner in his business, had come to see the closing show of the Shen Yun.

"The show truly is beautiful. It began calmly and then rose to different height. There was one scene after the other and suddenly it was time for intermission," said Mr. Pirker.

He shared his deep appreciation for the show. "The music was outstanding and one does not see nor hear about such a show very often."

Mr. and Mrs. Pirker said that such a show is rare.

Ms. Pirker shared that she was touched by the performances. "The dancers are fabulous. They are so at ease when they are dancing. I felt as if spring had arrived."

He husband added to her thought, "Yes, I agree, they are fully in sync when they dance. That is fantastic. One does not see that very often. What we have seen so far was fabulous."

They felt the scenes from today's China that depict the persecution of a group of good people, were excellent and very aesthetically presented. "They send a message through their dance. ... I'm talking about the scene where mother and daughter were arrested [Nothing Can Block the Divine Path]."

"It is very impressive the way it was done. This was done perfectly. The way it was presented was just perfect and an excellent statement of what was happening in China. One can't preclude such statements."


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