Brutally Tortured at Xidayingzi Labour Camp in Chaoyang City

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-- Firm in His Belief Despite Three Years in Prison; Persecuted Again For Persisting in Clarifying the Truth

Dafa practitioner Wang Jian is from Lingyuan City, Liaoning Province. He went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong in September 1999, and was subsequently given an illegal sentence of three years in a labour camp. Because he firmly refused to give up cultivating in Dafa, he has experienced all kinds of torture at the hands of the police. After completing a three-year term, he was released and went back home. Soon he was arrested again for posting truth-clarifying flyers. In the detention centre, Wang Jian firmly resisted the persecution and went on a hunger strike for thirteen days. The police felt Wang's life was in danger and informed his family. After receiving emergency care, he went back home.

A few days later, police again abducted Wang Jian and took him to the Xidayingzi Labour Camp. At the labour camp Wang Jian again went on a hunger strike to resist the evil persecution. He has not eaten for over two months now. During this period, the police ordered the inmates to force feed Wang, causing Wang's throat to be injured by the chopsticks they forced into his mouth. Police also used several high-voltage electric batons to shock him many times on his neck, the bottoms of his feet, and on other sensitive body parts, which resulted in Wang losing consciousness. Wang is now unable to walk because of the severity of the resulting injuries.

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