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  • Painting: Mountain in Layers

    The artist, Ms. Zhang Cuiying is an internationally acclaimed Chinese artist living in Australia. From an early age, Ms. Zhang was nurtured and taught by well-known Chinese masters, in the respected discipline of traditional Chinese brush painting. Her works have been extensively published throughout China. One of many honours includes the Asia-Pacific Gold Medal for Chinese Calligraphy and Painting.
  • Sculpture: Buddha

  • Drawing: Sword of Light

  • Stories from Ancient China: A Man of Virtue Knows that Time is as Precious as Gold

    Life has shown us that time flies as quickly as a galloping horse. A man of virtue knows to treasure time for the precious gold that it is. There was once a historian named Liu Shu in the Northern Song Dynasty who was known for his lofty character and noble aspirations. He was diligent in learning throughout his life. He was also a man of great self-discipline. He made a reasonable plan for each day so that he would never waste his time.
  • Stories from Ancient China: Refraining from Lust, Di Renjie Achieved a Great Career

    Di Renjie said: "The old monk told me that from my looks I would be a highly placed eminent official and would become well known in the future. But I must always remember to forbid myself lust! Since the old monk pointed it out to me, how could I trade my future for a moment of desire?"
  • Poem: If the Heavens Could...

    If the heavens could seethis endless stormraging against humanity.From many hearts that bleeda world to take heedfinding light from this calamity....
  • Drawing: White Dove and Lotus Flower

  • Stories from Ancient China: Governing a Country with Virtue and Appointing Officials Based on Sagacity

    "Governing a country with virtue and appointing officials based on sagacity" builds a foundation to govern a country well and bring peace to the world. This saying comes from China's age-old and profound culture, which is said to have been imparted by the gods. It is a virtue that should forever be remembered and passed on.
  • Poem: Silence

    Silence inside a tearhearts you cannot hearwalls that shelter such bitter crimes.Where truth behind your eyesreveals all beneath your captive’s disguiseand light beyond the darkest hour comes to shine.
  • Stories from Ancient China: Lu Yuqin, a Dynasty's Founding Member That Was Free of Self-Interest and Jealousy

    In traditional Chinese culture, it is believed that every person has his own fate and his fortunes are predestined according to what he has done in previous lives. Such a belief is also prevalent in the world of cultivation practice. It is believed that a person who harms other people out of jealousy or feeling unjustly wronged will not change his situation.
  • Poem: You Can Never Quell My Fire

    You can never quell my firenor convince me with your liesnever blind me with your doctrinesnor cloud my boundless skies.No cross that I can't carryno mountain that I can't climbno weather that I can't stormto forge this heart of mine.
  • Poem: Not Fighting, Lustful, Or Struggling

    Not fighting with others,Not fighting with oneself,Beyond any fighting,One is noble, trustworthy, and kind.
  • France: 'Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance Art Exhibition' Touches People’s Hearts

    A “Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance Art Exhibition" was held from December 11th to the 15th at the Mediatheque Exhibition Centre in the city of Dole. Visitors were shocked at the brutal persecution of Falun Gong practitioners by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) depicted in the paintings. Many people expressed how they were moved by the themes of the paintings as if watching stills from live camera shots.
  • Stories from Ancient China: A Virtuous Doctor

    The doctor was left in quite a dilemma. His choice was between saving a stranger and paying a ransom to save his son's life. He pondered for a moment and decided that it was his duty to save the person. He therefore went off to treat the patient who in turn was saved. When he returned home, exhausted, both physically and mentally, he was stupefied to find that his son was playing as if nothing had happened.
  • Poem: The Coming Hour

    A tear, a flowerthe coming hourwith the darknessnow taken flight.A path, a sailwhere truth prevailsand many a heart unveiled in light.