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  • Practitioners Must Not Indulge in Comfort

    Although we had not frequently kept in contact, I could sense that he was not having any breakthroughs in his cultivation. So, his tribulations were not surprising. My understanding is that if my own cultivation state is not good, I will have much unexpected trouble in my daily life.
  • Have Compassion toward Persecuted Fellow Practitioners

    We must have confidence in and patience for our fellow practitioners. Don't give up if you bump into a wall a couple of times, we have to give fellow practitioners the chance to come back. Wounds need time to heal, of course it is better if the recovery time is sooner rather than later.
  • Explaining the Facts about Falun Gong at Tourist Resorts in Thailand

    One person casually approached me and asked, "How do I quit the CCP? I have been wanting to quit for a long time." I told him, "I can help you with this matter. I will give you the nickname "Good Luck" and quit the CCP for you on the Internet." He said promptly, "OK."
  • A Visit to My Hometown in China

    . There was a total of five adults. I immediately told them about Dafa and the persecution. I talked about the miracles of Dafa and gave them several sets of materials. I told them to recite those two lines. They all carefully put the amulets into their pockets and said that they would definitely recite "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good. Falun Dafa is good."
  • Helping to Introduce Falun Dafa in India

    Our local practitioners gave a video presentation of Falun Dafa in a lecture hall and we spoke briefly to let them know the purpose of our visit. The presentation about the water crystal experiment caught the staff and students' attention. We subsequently gave a live exercise demonstration, and when it ended, our local practitioners and my family were presented a handkerchief with a young coconut on top of it, which was their traditional custom of honouring someone
  • Some Understandings after Reading the Internet Experience-sharing Conference Papers

    In the wake of practitioners validating the Fa and saving sentient beings, the steadfastness of practitioners in China is revealed in their words. Their stories are very touching and inspiring. I was moved to tears by their righteousness and magnificence in validating the Fa and saving sentient beings. After reading their stories, I feel very encouraged as I walk my path in cultivation.
  • Improve my character in coordinating Dafa events

    Take fame less seriously, do not think too high of oneself as a coordinator, do not imagine that everyone will listen to or follow your command or idea. When one shows more respect to others, more constructive ideas will come in and together we can make our events more successful and save more sentient beings.
  • In a Few Words: Our Hearts Should Remain Unmoved

    Many things have happened recently, and it is easy for our hearts to be stirred. My fellow practitioners, what I want to tell everyone is that our hearts should remain unmoved under all circumstances. Once our hearts are stirred, we will drop to the same level as everyday people.
  • My Shallow Understanding of "Being Modest"

    I realize that the characteristic of modesty embodies Truth-Compassion-Forbearance. Only a merciful, peaceful, and forgiving practitioner can truly have modesty in his or her heart. No matter what the situation is--be it being praised or accused, be it doing a good job or a poor one--he or she can treat it with a peaceful and open attitude, without having his or her heart affected.
  • Thoughts on Seeking "Inside Information"

    Fa-Rectification is near the end. Teacher has given us omnipotent power. No matter how well we cultivate, we should use our power and righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil. This is the restoration of our divine side and the process of changing from everyday people to divine beings. Dependence on everyday people and being moved by so-called "inside information" tarnishes the name of Dafa disciples during Fa-Rectification
  • Thoughts Concerning Recent Resolutions and a Court Ruling Supporting Falun Gong

    Two resolutions and a court ruling recently passed in the United States and Europe in support of Falun Gong, and in condemnation of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) crimes against Falun Gong. They attracted great attention among people of different backgrounds.
  • Clarifying the Truth to The Deputy Mayor of Berlin

    We needed to clarify the fact deeply and thoroughly, point out the wrongdoings committed by the persons who had participated [in persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners during Jiang’s visit to Germany] with compassion and to caution them not to be controlled and used by the evil regime.