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  • Passing Through Ordeals with Faith in Teacher and Dafa

    In 1998, while I was poor and sick, I heard the good news of Dafa. On the first day of watching Teacher's lectures on video, Teacher started to cleanse my body. Not long after I began the practice, my many chronic illnesses such as rheumatic arthritis, chronic bronchitis, low blood pressure, anemia, reduced blood platelets, all disappeared without treatment. Teacher pulled me up out of hell.
  • Clarifying the Truth at Construction Sites

    I once lived in a dormitory with several other workers. I brought along more MP3 players to let them listen to Teacher's Fa lectures. Some people just sat there and listened for hours. I knew a woman who worked at the site preparing food. She suffered greatly from arthritis, and every day she needed to take a lot of medications. I lent the book Zhuan Falun to her to read. After a week, she had finished the book and by then her arthritis had disappeared. There were also some workers who practiced the exercises with me every day. They gained healthy bodies and witnessed the miracle of the Fa.
  • From Starting My First Truth-clarifying Materials

    They tried to force me to "transform," saying that they would make my son leave the army, take away my salary, and do things to my relatives, etc., if I didn't. I put down fame, personal interest, and sentimentality. My heart was as peaceful as still water. I said, "Let it be whatever it is." They had nothing to say. They didn't give up, and called in some of my family members for a second time. My family cried and tried to persuade me. Since I had put down fame, personal interest, and sentimentality, my heart remained as calm as still water.
  • Being a Qualified Young Falun Dafa Disciple During the Fa-Rectification Period

    Although it was a simple task, I still did it incorrectly at first. I was somewhat embarrassed, wondering why I couldn't do such a simple task. A fellow practitioner saw this and explained to me how to do it correctly and encouraged me. I realized that what I was thinking about was not good, and I needed to remove it. Very quickly, I could independently and skilfully complete the task.
  • A Substantial Hundred Yuan

    She turned the hundred yuan over to me to be given to the Dafa truth-clarifying materials production center. I did not expect that under such harsh conditions she would still donate her money to save people. I witnessed her benevolent and unselfish heart. When I took the hundred yuan, I could not control my tears. I knew that what was in my hand was not just money, it was a heart hoping to save all sentient beings.
  • Letting Go of Selfishness

    Since all of us came for the Fa, and each one has a different cultivation environment, we should always do the best we can. I have a job and do not have much time to prepare informational materials. The reason I asked her to help was because she could take over some of my work, and at the same time generate another material production site. It is not easy for her to prepare materials at home with a husband who is not a practitioner.
  • Clarifying the Truth in the Marketplace

    The old man said triumphantly, "I was a secretary of the prefecture Chinese Communist Party Committee and I am now retired." When the practitioner raised the issue of the corruption in China, the old man became very angry and began to curse the CCP saying that it had lost the support of the people. The practitioner told him, "Heaven will eliminate the CCP and it is important that you quit the CCP to stay safe!" She also clarified the truth to him. The old man quit the CCP happily and thanked the practitioner again and again before leaving.
  • Eliminating the Pursuit of Gain; Assisting Master with Righteous Thoughts

    The banner read: "The Fa Rectifies the Cosmos!" While attempting to work on this, clouds of flies in the room prevented me from concentrating on my work. Later on I felt at peace. When I looked up I saw all the flies were on the ceiling and did not move. The air was fresh, and I felt Master's presence, to protect me.
  • Walking Steadily on My Way Home

    Several police officers ran toward me. I quickly stepped aside and went running. They quickly beat me to the ground and then punched and kicked me. Strangely enough, I felt no pain, as if my body had separated from me. It seemed that the police officers were beating someone else. Later on my wife told me that at that moment, she suddenly couldn't see anything. She didn't see how the police beat me, as if something had suddenly covered me.
  • Finally Realizing the Importance of Looking Inside to Eliminate Attachments

    I have had a lot of ups and downs in my cultivation, but now I understand that when we search inward we need to target specifically our attachments, even the ones that are hidden deep inside. When we are able to eliminate attachments without fear, Teacher will help us eliminate all interference.
  • Cultivation Is Letting Go Of the Human Heart

    Every year, my husband lost his temper several times and even smashed things when he couldn't control himself. It intensified after I started practicing Falun Dafa. I thought he might be helping me improve my xinxing, (character) so I didn't take it to heart. This year, however, he smashed my computer. I realized that it was interference because I acknowledged that he had a bad temper and let it become a "normal phenomenon." This was obviously incorrect.
  • Saving Sentient Beings Is My Greatest Duty

    . At night, I usually go to neighbouring villages where no friends or relatives of mine live, and distribute truth-clarification materials. Sometimes I take over ten pounds of materials with me to a neighbouring county. It is not an easy task for an elderly lady, well over 60 years old like me, especially when I sometimes have to walk several miles after I get off the bus. However, I am instantly refreshed and energized whenever I think of going to rescue the beings there. I know that this is because of Teacher's benevolent protection
  • Firm Belief

    With the attachment to selfishness, we cannot firmly believe in Teacher and the Fa. When facing problems, the first thing in our mind would be to protect ourselves and make sure our vital interests are not jeopardized. At that moment, our belief in Teacher and the Fa would become very weak. Only when we can completely cast aside selfishness, can we be free of attachments, with no loopholes, and become unshakable.
  • From an Average Person to a Genuine Dafa Disciple

    With more truth-clarifying articles published and distributed in our area, the impact in deterring the persecution was huge. The evildoers became much more frightened and acted more reserved when they persecuted Dafa practitioners; some even begged practitioners to remove their names from Minghui's bad-person list. After they realized this, even non practitioners began to protect Falun Gong practitioners.
  • Cultivation Experience Sharing on Resuming Practicing Falun Dafa

    I gradually realized that my perspective in thinking about these problems only focused on myself, and that was exactly the selfishness of the old cosmos. The factors that we should get rid of during our cultivation are all just selfishness from the old cosmos. How can we be enlightened beings in the new cosmos if we cannot get rid of selfishness? We should strive to become righteous beings who are selfless and always put others first, as Master expects of us.