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  • Learning to Look at Myself First and Correct My Thinking When I Encounter Tribulations

    Sometimes, I am very effective in clarifying the truth, but it sometimes has no effect for several days. When I am diligent in practice, it is very effective, and when I am not diligent, it is ineffective. For a period of time I was arrested and detained, and all day I thought about how to explain the truth. As a result, in a short two to five minutes, and with five to six sentences, I could explain the truth and convince others to do the "three withdrawals." One person out of three withdrew
  • Falun Gong Saved My Mum

    Aunt Liu had almost reached the end of her endurance when a neighbour introduced Falun Gong to her. She immediately requested a copy of Master Li's recorded lecture series and began doing everything according to Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. It wasn't long before Aunt Liu's diseases disappeared and her whole body felt light and healthy. Having reached desperation, she found happiness in life once more.
  • Showing People the Magnificence of Dafa

    One high-ranking official told me a story of one of his classmates - she had two family members who practiced Falun Gong. Her two daughters were expelled from their work units because they went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. They later got divorced. One of them was tortured to death. Their mother, this person's classmate, cried every day and was truly miserable. People all fear the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) because it is brutal.
  • A Happy Time and Precious Memory—The 15th Anniversary of Master Disseminating the Fa in Qiqihar

    Speaking of enlightening in the Fa, I can say confidently that not only are my illnesses all gone, but also I have really enlightened to who I am and have enlightened to the principles of the Fa at my level. I feel happy and lucky to have chosen the right way to return to my original self. I didn’t enlighten to any of this in studying Buddhism in the past many years.
  • Touching

    I have a friend who has three family members, and they all practice Falun Gong. Before practicing Falun Gong, her parents had poor health. They got sick very often. Even though they did not have serious illnesses, they often visited the hospital. Their home was practically like a medicine shop. Because they had visited doctors so many times, they had become like half-doctors themselves. Once they started to practice Falun Gong, they became healthy very quickly.
  • We Are One Body

    Another practitioner told me about a practitioner who was arrested illegally by agents of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). His wife was about to visit him at a brainwashing centre. Since it was very far away, the practitioner who told the story had volunteered to go with her. The wife was moved to tears by his offer of support. When I heard this story, I cried too. Why? Didn’t his actions manifest the “selflessness and altruism” that Dafa requires of us?
  • Cultivation Experience from Flushing

    On the first evening, after having been out all day, I was in a good mood before I fell asleep. But I realized that I had been a little afraid of those really evil stares and words that I encountered from some Chinese sent by the CCP (Chinese communist party). More precisely, I was afraid of the unpleasant and persistent anger from people that confronted me. Here, it was not enough to be just kind; here compassion and tolerance had to be very great. Perhaps, I too had anger in me when I sometimes became tired of the persecution and just wanted it to end.
  • Be a Good Person, But Don't Be Attached to Being a Good Person

    A cultivator should start with being a good person in ordinary society, then they should become better than that, a person beyond the realm of everyday people. A practitioner must not be content with just being good like everyday people.
  • We Must Pay Attention to Doing Our Jobs Well

    Doing well in everyday work is also our responsibility. Our performance will influence people's impression toward Dafa. If we are unable to create a good image with everyday people, how can we lay a good foundation for truth-clarification, or encouraging people to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations?
  • Faith in Master and Fa Is Our Best Protection

    We must study the Fa more, cultivate ourselves well, let go of all human attachments, use righteous thoughts and righteous actions, and watch every thought and every action, so as to not give the evil any gap to exploit. When we encounter a tribulation, we have to treat ourselves as cultivators, look inward, and cultivate ourselves. We can only pass tests when we have faith in Master and the Fa
  • Learning to Read, Clarifying the Truth Everywhere

    One day five labourers came to me. I said to them that they had worked hard and talked with them about how corrupt the society and government officials were and gave specific examples. Two of them didn't want to listen and kept going straight ahead. I stopped them and asked them to listen patiently. I told them why people should withdraw from the CCP. Eventually all of them withdrew from the CCP.
  • The Path Opens When our Understanding of the Fa Becomes Clear

  • I Understand Why Falun Dafa Practitioners Persist in Their Beliefs

    I witnessed the miracle of Falun Dafa. I now understand why, despite the persecution, torture, imprisonment, loss of family and work, and organ harvesting over the past ten years, Falun Gong practitioners have been unwavering in their beliefs and commitment to "clarifying the truth" of the persecution. I know why Li respects her Teacher. I know that the compassionate practitioners are trying to save people when they clarify the truth. They are the most selfless people on earth.
  • Upgrading Xinxing and Validating the Fa

    Teacher has cleansed my body again and again. I could not imagine how much effort Teacher spent on me. Several months later, I was totally changed, not only my mind but my physical body as well. All my illnesses were gone. I became open and happy, and I treated others well. My changes showed my colleagues and boss how wonderful Dafa is. I brought them the Dafa book so they too could learn of the beauty of this practice.
  • I Must Promote the Falun Gong Practitioner

    The Falun Gong practitioner is much better than you are. He is reliable and responsible and never does bad things. He never spends company money on personal expenses and doesn’t take company property home. The last time our company distributed moon cakes to staff, he distributed more than he should by accident. Nobody noticed, but he returned moon cakes to the company. He is healthy and fit and has never taken one sick day nor claimed any medical expenses in the past nine years....