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  • Exploding the Perplexities Fostered by Human Notions

    As a cultivator, I should use Fa principles to look at myself. Master said that no one is better than another--we were all lifted from hell by Master at the same time. Amidst ignorance and confusion, living in today's society where morality is sliding down so quickly, who has not made any errors? It can only be based on our own notions, the notion that one error is worse than another while other mistakes aren't so severe. In fact, no human concept or incorrect thought can be brought to heaven.
  • "I Practice Falun Gong"

    Along the way, I spoke to him about many Fa principles, including the principle that good and evil have their respective rewards and punishments. He said, "I have lived for so long but no one has ever told me these principles. You are the first to tell me. When I was listening to you I felt very comfortable. Everyone I know is telling me how to avoid being bullied and how to cheat others out of their money. I feel very tired living this way. How wonderful it would be to live the kind of principled life you just described."
  • New Practitioners Witness Miracles of Dafa

    The neighbour practitioner assisted me in quitting the CCP Youth League and in watching Teacher's lecture videos. Soon miracles happened. I could sleep at night, work with little physical stress, and my illnesses all disappeared. Later my celestial eye opened. My husband noticed the changes in me and started to practice Falun Gong himself. Now the illnesses, including ossein proliferation, prostatitis and deafness, that he had suffered from for years are all cured.
  • I Was Promoted While Not Pursuing Gain

    During my report, the auditorium was very quiet. I introduced my academic achievements, which included over 30 articles in internationally recognized journals and five academic books. At the end of my report, I said, "Despite making progress in my field, I still have a long way to go to reach the requirements. I am willing to withdraw my application and give my chance to other scholars if the number of promotions is limited." The audience gave me great applause both during the report and afterwards.
  • Cultivation and art creation

    Let’s imagine that all painters who created the paintings for the “Art of Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance” exhibitions said to themselves: “Let’s not paint for the exhibition now. In 5 years we will be more pure to create paintings and those paintings will have an even bigger effect.” If they all had thought like this, the exhibitions that saved thousand of lives around the world would have never taken place.
  • I Finally Understand What Diligence Is

    One question has been interesting and unresolved for a long time for me. Many times I have asked myself, "What is diligence? If I know more about diligence itself, I will be able to become more diligent." Not long ago I found the answer:
  • Study the Fa with a Clear and Clean Mind

    Along with our attachments getting less and less, our thoughts achieve a relatively clean state, and our abilities of memorizing and understanding also become stronger and stronger. Some older practitioners' memories are actually better than those of young non-practitioners. Illiterate practitioners are able to read Zhuan Falun. Some practitioners are more effective in studying the Fa regardless of the time of day.
  • Clarifying the Truth While on Vacation

    We clarified the truth to different people by starting with small talk. With the Fa in our hearts, Teacher helped us to use our wisdom so that we were able to find a common topic to start a conversation. During the 24 hours (round-trip) spent on the train, we completely put our hearts into clarifying the truth. Without a break, we talked to people about Falun Gong. We just wanted to let the predestined people know the truth, and we weren't tired at all.
  • Short Stories from Our Village Practice Site

    Three months later, a miracle occurred! San Sao could not only could walk by herself but she could also work on the farm. Later, when one of the doctors that she had gone to saw her relative, he said, "San Sao should come to have that operation or she will be paralysed." But to the doctor's great surprise, her relative said that Ms. San had recovered from her condition quite a while ago by practising Falun Dafa.
  • A Young Western Man Recalls How He Began to Practice Falun Gong

    t night when I slept I dreamt that I saw lots of money on the ground. I picked it all up, as much as I could. When I woke up I suddenly felt so terrible! I felt I was so greedy and knew it was a xinxing test which I failed. I was very regretful! The next night I dreamt of lots of money everywhere again, but this time there was so much! However, I was very clear in my mind. I thought, "I'm a practitioner, none of this money is mine, I'm not touching any of it."
  • Cultivating Xinxing

    I used to live on the 3rd floor. There is a sick neighbour who lived on 6th floor, and it was hard for her to climb the stairs. She would often need to rest a while in front of my door. One day, she said to me with sadness, "I wonder if there is a good person who would exchange their home with mine." I thought that as a Falun Dafa practitioner, I should help others who are in need. I replied, "I can exchange mine with you, so it will be easier for you to climb up to the 3rd floor instead of the 6th floor."
  • If Someone Gets Lost in Ordinary Society, We Must Wake Him Up

    After millions of years of reincarnation and waiting, the long-awaited Dafa and remaking of the universe is finally happening. However, many practitioners have gotten lost in ordinary people's fame, self-interest, and emotions. Teacher has pulled us out of hell and shouldered so much for us. Have we done well enough so that we are not letting him down? Are we meeting the sentient beings' expectations?
  • Study Zhuan Falun Diligently and with Commitment

    I have read Zhuan Falun many times, I am able to recite a majority of the text, and as my mouth is so used uttering the words, I am able to read through sentences very quickly, without really concentrating, which allows my thoughts to stray. By this action, I felt I was actually being disrespectful to the Fa. How can the Fa be revealed to me under such conditions?
  • A Letter and Two Thousand Yuan

    The doctor said, 'Medicine is useless--you need the operation.' I said it was too hot and I did not want it. After the weather cooled off, my family tried to force me into the hospital. I prayed to Master: 'Teacher, they are forcing me into this. What I should do?' The next day the swelling in my throat disappeared. I know Master bore the pain for me!
  • Fundamentally Eliminating Our Attachments

    I sometimes viewed some attachments as being a rope that kept me tied up or as dirty clothing that I could throw off by using just a little more effort. However, for other attachments, even though it seems that I'm always trying to get rid of them, I haven't yet succeeded. In fact, some of those attachments have even become worse. Some attachments were so deep-rooted that I always seemed to be fighting with them, but they still stuck with me. Just like the people who try to give up smoking: they constantly say they are quitting, but they still smoke every day. It's very agonizing.