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  • Validating the Fa at Work

    I was asked to look after purchasing materials for the cafeteria, in which over twenty people eat. People often say that people in this position are easily corruptible, but I follow the standards of Dafa at my place of work. No matter when a transaction happens, I make sure I record it promptly, and I have people who work in the cafeteria review it. I have been strict with myself and don't allow myself to become corruptible. Therefore, I don't want anything that doesn't belong to me.
  • Practitioners Working on Truth-Clarifying Materials Should Put Their Whole Hearts into It

    The whole process of creating and editing the material is a cultivation process, and the results are a reflection of those who worked on it. It illustrates our compassion and painstaking efforts to help sentient beings. When you look at some of the materials, you can feel the purity, compassion and responsibility. I think that non-practitioners can also see it when they read these materials, even if they may not realize at the time what they are holding in their hands.
  • Using a School Broadcasting System for Truth Clarification

    When I was in fourth grade, I was selected as a broadcaster for the school radio news program. Naturally, I was very excited, but when I went home, my mother "poured a bucket of cold water on me" and said, "How could you be helping the evil broadcast the news?" She told me to turn the offer down, but then she changed her mind and said, "There is nothing coincidental when it comes to cultivation. You should make good use of this great opportunity to broadcast Dafa's information; it will be a good way to save more sentient beings and reverse it to be a good deed!"
  • After My Sister Died as a Result of the Persecution - My ten-year cultivation journey

    At the end of 2000, My sister and I went to Beijing to validate the Fa and were arrested. When police asked me for my name and address, I didn't tell them. They made me sit on the cold cement floor to freeze. It was very cold in Beijing. When I still didn't say anything, the police became desperate. They shocked me on my hands, face and head with electronic batons. At the time I had no hatred toward them but tried to persuade them not to behave like this
  • Discussion of Selfishness

    When I wrote experience sharing articles in the past, I used to sign with our local district name. When my articles were published, it intensified my attachment. I would search for my articles with our local district name and tried to find how many of my articles have been published, unknowingly developing the attachment of elation
  • Teacher Is Right Beside Me

    I followed what Teacher said and tried to harmonize with what Teacher wanted. I took the Fa as Teacher. One person who had seriously harmed my family ran into me a few times after quitting the CCP activities began. This was not accidental. We were all Teacher's family members. It must be Teacher wanting to save her. So I approached her. I clarified the truth to her and helped her quit the Party. I then gave her an amulet(1) as a gift.
  • "After Passing the Shady Willow Trees, There Will Be Bright Flowers and Another Village Ahead!"

    Dafa gave him a chance to be reborn, and he really lived a new life. He was changed from inside out. He became honest, kind and tolerant. Furthermore, what surprised me even more were his studies. Before he was at an upper-middle level in his class. After my brother started to practice cultivation, his grades kept improving every month.
  • Letting Go of Attachments and Working Well with the Local Falun Dafa Association

    During conflicts, I also came to understand that I should not pay too much attention to the misunderstanding of fellow practitioners. We should be tolerant towards fellow practitioners. The purpose of our cultivation is not for validating ourselves, arguing with others, nor for racking up "achievements." Rather, it is to let go of as many attachments as possible.
  • Do We Truly Respect the Fa and Teacher?

    Now everyone in our Fa-study group is strict with themselves. We sit upright, hold up the book with both hands and read the Fa word by word. Even if we are tired, we don't slack off in any of those areas. If our legs hurt, we switch from double-lotus to the single-lotus position. Thinking of how much Teacher has suffered so much for us. How can we be worthy of Teacher's salvation? Everyone has improved through this experience sharing.
  • Reminding Fellow Practitioners Not to Become Apathetic

    When I was cooking dinner, I kept thinking, "For a practitioner, there is nothing accidental. I just had a major repair job done for the bike the week before, why had the screw fallen out? These screws normally never get loose. I need to look within." I then realized that the pedals falling meant that I had made a mis-step. Where was I not solid? Cultivation is very serious and I should cultivate myself solidly
  • With Sentient Beings in Mind, Be a Selfless Practitioner

    Other practitioners wanted to contribute money, but they refused to accept it. Why didn't they take it? The help that the other practitioners were offering was also to save sentient beings and validate Dafa. Practitioners at the materials site, how could you refuse their compassionate assistance? Are we validating Dafa? Or are we validating ourselves? After refusing their assistance, isn't the "difficult situation" self-made?
  • To Assimilate My Life into the Fa

    Only when we assimilate ourselves into the Fa, fulfill our vows, and help Master save sentient beings can we really be deserving of the title "Dafa practitioners of the Fa-rectification period." I don't feel that I do things for Dafa or for fellow practitioners.
  • Wholeheartedly Believing in Teacher Is Fundamental to One's Cultivation

    After returning home, my mum kept up practising the exercises and studying the Fa despite the pain. Gradually, a miracle occurred. While she was doing the sitting exercise, she saw a pair of huge hands move a large dark green boulder from her back. She recovered after that. Now, my mum is healthy again.
  • Eliminating Evil at Its Source

    Hiring a lawyer is a good thing, but we should not depend too heavily on ordinary lawyers, nor on ordinary people's laws. It is Teacher and Dafa that truly protect us. When we do what is righteous, we are under Teacher's protection, and no one can dare to persecute us. The only way to defeat the old force arrangements is to have faith in Teacher and the Fa.
  • Eliminate Selfishness When Validating the Fa

    One day when we were out distributing informational materials and everything was going smoothly, I started to feel a sense of jealousy. As I slipped a flier under a door, the other practitioner immediately removed the flier I had left and replaced it with hers. They were the same fliers, so why would she do such a thing? I wasn't happy about it but didn't say anything. I thought to myself, "I can distribute fliers on my own. I don't need to work with you." I had wanted to be better than her and wanted to validate myself instead of Dafa.