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  • Saving Sentient Beings with Compassion

    I told them to hurry up and quit the CCP to guarantee safety and a bright future. “I can help you quit with alias or nicknames or whatever.” The lady who was giving out leaflets returned to ask me, “What did you say to quit?” I said, “Quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. I can help you to pick a name. Would you quit?” She said yes. Later I asked one by one. Everyone including the guide renounced the CCP. Like registering, some thirty people quit the CCP.
  • Continue diligently

    I still have various, big attachments with regards to collecting signatures and clarifying the truth. But I am very happy to be able to save that many sentient beings. Everyday I carry signature forms and truth leaflets in my suitcase from home to office. When I collect signatures, I will take the opportunity to ask them come to practice in the park. Pretty much everyday I spend like this. Every time I sit in front of the computer, it would be for a Dafa project.
  • Unconditional cooperation

    I believe then and still do that this story came back to me that day as a reminder. We are most honoured and fortunate beings. This time we have got another chance to really prove that Dafa practitioners can indeed cooperate unconditionally and think and move like one body. Which part any one of us play is not important as long as we ourselves understand that we all are needed.
  • Firm belief in Master and the Fa is the path to overcome all difficulties

    We started to explain to the consultant that in fact this performance has the power to clear the dirt from people’s minds by pure beauty, obtained from dancers, because they practice Falun Dafa. He suddenly couldn’t find any arguments against us, because we were saying the truth, from the bottom of our hearts. Therefore, we understood that this is the right approach to use.
  • The Experience of Clarifying the Truth to Chinese Workers at the Pearl City of Baltic Sea Workplace

    But when Chinese workers took the materials from me, these two people shouted at them. One of them even rushed up to a worker, grabbed a set of truth clarifying materials and threw on to the floor. But, the worker crouched and picked up the material, brushed the dust off and then put them in his pocket. In the meantime, all the other Chinese workers who went through the gate all took the materials. Those Chinese people so cherished the truth clarifying materials; they didn’t even listen to the two supervisors
  • Explaining the persecution outside the Chinese embassy in Moscow

    All of us are Dafa Disciples during the Fa Rectification period, we study the Fa and Teacher's lectures daily and we all understand our mission and responsibility. It would seem that nothing can be more important at this moment than to rescue sentient beings, however how difficult it is to be always in a righteous state of mind, to have an unconditional readiness to go and save worldly people at any time of the day.
  • Caltivation of a new practitioner

    To talk to people with high position (VIP) is something that can make me very scared if I go along with the old forces that try to stop me. The fear makes my stomach and lungs draw together, indicating that it is a deeply rooted attachment. When there was a need for practitioners to help in clarifying the facts to these MPs, I didn’t think of myself, but used this as a great opportunity to get rid of my fear.
  • How I was saved and found my way home

    When I knew what cultivation was about and had a basic understanding of Fa principles, I started to function in society. Slowly I renewed my acquaintances and got a job. I started to do the exercises and made Fa study a priority. The more I studied the Fa the deeper my understanding became. I saw that the things that people do in society have no real meaning and we are living in the reality based on illusion. I realised that the true goal of being a human is the return to one's true self through cultivation.
  • From the Illusion of "Modern Independent Lifestyle" to Truth-Compassion-Forbearance

    In another class one student asked, "Teacher, what is 'Falun Dafa Hao?' You told the other class about this but we want to know, too." This was a clear reminder to me that I must make sure to clarify the truth to every single class I teach, no exceptions, because they all came here for the Fa. They were literally asking me to tell them! The entire class immediately quieted down and payed close attention. They said they would like to wear T-shirts that say "Falun Dafa Hao."
  • Upgrading Myself in Eutelsat Incident

    I asked myself: " The signal of NTD TV has not been connected yet, the evil is still acting violently, but have you already retreated? Don’t you really have enough money to buy a train ticket to Paris? Can’t you leave the Dafa work here which isn't so urgent? Will my husband really stop you from going there? ”
  • Some understanding regarding ‘working together unconditionally’

    The fundamental nature of all things and beings and practitioners is to be in line with the characteristics of the cosmos. No matter which differences of opinion we face or which difficulties we have among each other, those are all processes of transformation and not fundamental things. This understanding has helped me to remove many negative ideas and concepts from my mind, thus allowing me to come closer to ‘working together unconditionally’ and to be less attached to my personal opinion
  • The Little Helper Is An Instrument Of the Fa Used In Our Clarifying The Truth And Saving Sentient Beings

    In recent years, with sudden incidents increasing in China, the bases have played a great role in rescuing fellow practitioners who are illegally arrested and detained. Within just a few days, more than one hundred thousand telephone broadcast calls are sent to the same area at the same time, enabling all the local residents to know about the bad deeds done by the evil Party. The feedback from mainland China tells us: “we have learnt of so many incidents that have happened in various places. The evil Party is very unpopular and its doomsday is near.”
  • Letting Go of Human Notions and Recovering from Depression

    What other practitioners said or did were merely to help me awaken from my slumber and realize what I had not let go. All along it was my problem. If I let it go, fellow practitioners would have nothing to point out to me. Teacher wants us to look within when we are faced with problems. This is the absolute truth.
  • Believing in Teacher and Dafa, Firmly Walking the Cultivation Path

    Another practitioner once told me that Teacher had published a "Lecture Ten." I was alert and said immediately, "Teacher's Zhuan Falun only has nine lectures. I have never heard of a lecture ten. You should stop, not pass this around, and destroy it at once. This is serious. Have you forgotten the last lesson? We must take the Fa as the Teacher." So the spreading of these false articles was stopped in time in our area.
  • Lessons Learned Studying Teacher's New Article, "Again Wishing a Complete Success to the European Fa Conference"

    In this new article, I can sense Teacher's eagerness and the urgency regarding this matter. In the meagre time that remains, we shall, through this conference, form a strong and indestructible one body. In the meantime, we shall try to influence those practitioners who are still not diligent to overcome their difficulties and rise above being human. Let us make our cultivation environment a pure land where practitioners can share and elevate together