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  • Completely Negate the Old Force Arrangements

    All the so-called karma must yield to saving sentient beings; even if it was test of xinxing (character), I wanted to pass it quickly, instead of wasting time in tribulations. I then realized that my issue with sleep was also old force interference and must be negated completely. Once I had that thought, the sleepiness that had troubled me for a long time and that I had failed to get rid of disappeared immediately.
  • My Experience of telling the truth and encouraging the “three withdrawals” in Chinatown

    I asked her: “Did you become a Christian first or become a member of the Communist youth league and young pioneers first? If you joined the Communist youth league and young pioneers first and became a Christian later, how could Jesus look after you? The Chinese Communist Party doesn’t believe in God. It is atheist...."
  • Practitioner in China: What to Do When Challenged With the Question, "Are you Falun Gong?"

    "You probably don't know much about Falun Gong. Falun Gong is not as you have heard from the newspapers. It is a very good and righteous way. It teaches people to be good, and then to be even better. Aren't Truthfulness- Compassion-Forbearance good? They are definitely good.
  • Cultivating at University

    Just like the scorching suns in the piece “Lady of the moon” from the Divine Performing Arts show, that need to be struck down to save the villagers, I need to strike down my attachments in order to better help Master save sentient beings, and use every opportunity to clarify the truth.
  • Are We Letting the Old Forces Take Advantage of Us?

    The repeated lessons and suffering should make it possible for us to become more mature. If we can stick to saving the sentient beings, ignore everything else no matter what, and do a good job on the three things, then everything will proceed towards Consummation.
  • Strengthen Our Righteous Thoughts

    Some practitioners, when confronted by these people who went to their homes to harass them, became very angry, put on a long face, and spoke rudely. Later, they felt that they had not behaved properly, and after sharing with other practitioners they also realized that they had not shown any kindness or compassion
  • Looking inwards during my cultivation journey

    I started to tell them about the last time I met him and we had a very large conflict which confused me more than anything. As I was doing this I was suddenly hit with a strong emotion which left me unable to talk. There was a silence, they were all looking at me. The Russian practitioner said to “ELIMINATE IT!”, so I did and it disappeared.
  • Cultivation Insights while Clarifying the Truth in Hong Kong

    Since I realized the importance of clarifying the truth, I have been looking for ways to do better. I have tried clarifying the truth by chatting with people in China in Internet chat rooms, calling people in China and travelling to Hong Kong's tourist sites. With Teacher's help, I always meet practitioners to teach me or help me get started, or opportunities to clarify the truth present themselves to me.
  • Letting go of human attachments to deliver live broadcasting with righteous thoughts

    Looking back on this cultivation experience, the coordination of the European team and righteous thoughts of Dafa disciples turned the impossible into possible. Those practitioners who had never been hosts before matured within a month under the righteous thoughts of the one body. It was incredible that they could all go on air presentably.
  • Devote Our Hearts to Saving People

    I think that we should not have any attachment to things that happen in society. We should just follow Teacher's requirements, do the three things well, study the Fa and cultivate, send righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil, and clarify the truth to save all beings. We should behave without selfishness or qing.
  • Cultivation experiences during the preparation of Shen Yun

    I have heard many times from friends, sponsors and professional advisers saying, “I received your flyers, your team effort is really impressive!” A marketer from the venue told me after her holiday: “Guess what? I received your flyer when transferring between flights in Japan… and it’s in Japanese. I already put it on the front of my desk as a souvenir.”
  • In a Few Words: Our Hearts Should Remain Unmoved

    Many things have happened recently, and it is easy for our hearts to be stirred. My fellow practitioners, what I want to tell everyone is that our hearts should remain unmoved under all circumstances. Once our hearts are stirred, we will drop to the same level as everyday people.
  • How do I persistently encourage the Chinese people to quit from the CCP?

    Many practitioners in Cambridge went to America to attend the NY Fa-conference, and with only a few practitioners left, some practitioners were worried. I said: “As long as our thoughts are righteous, the evil will be afraid of us.” We were sending forth righteous thoughts and telling the facts. As a result, the Chinese students did not make trouble; some of them accepted our truth materials, even quit from the CCP and its related organisations on the spot. A practitioner said: “ I feel today’s field is very righteous”. This is exactly the case as Master said that ,“If our thoughts are righteous, the evil will collapse”.
  • Compassion is the Right State of a Cultivator

    Thinking about forbearance, I thought about how I don't have patience with fellow practitioners. They are still cultivating but I wasn't able to tolerate them. Then I went to group study yesterday and discovered what I am lacking in my cultivation. In a very righteous field, if one can immerse oneself in the Fa and start to share experiences, then partitions and the inability to harmonize will be corrected.
  • Cultivation and working with the three medias

    The current Eutelsat incident makes me realise that in China, a lot of ordinary people have gradually changed after watching NTDTV. So when we work for NTDTV, or for other media, we are not for entertaining ordinary people. It's a requirement for us to cultivate ourselves well while doing media work, we need to keep ourselves pure, only then can we produce programmes that are more effective in saving people.