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  • Finally Realizing the Importance of Looking Inside to Eliminate Attachments

    I have had a lot of ups and downs in my cultivation, but now I understand that when we search inward we need to target specifically our attachments, even the ones that are hidden deep inside. When we are able to eliminate attachments without fear, Teacher will help us eliminate all interference.
  • Cultivation Is Letting Go Of the Human Heart

    Every year, my husband lost his temper several times and even smashed things when he couldn't control himself. It intensified after I started practicing Falun Dafa. I thought he might be helping me improve my xinxing, (character) so I didn't take it to heart. This year, however, he smashed my computer. I realized that it was interference because I acknowledged that he had a bad temper and let it become a "normal phenomenon." This was obviously incorrect.
  • Saving Sentient Beings Is My Greatest Duty

    . At night, I usually go to neighbouring villages where no friends or relatives of mine live, and distribute truth-clarification materials. Sometimes I take over ten pounds of materials with me to a neighbouring county. It is not an easy task for an elderly lady, well over 60 years old like me, especially when I sometimes have to walk several miles after I get off the bus. However, I am instantly refreshed and energized whenever I think of going to rescue the beings there. I know that this is because of Teacher's benevolent protection
  • Firm Belief

    With the attachment to selfishness, we cannot firmly believe in Teacher and the Fa. When facing problems, the first thing in our mind would be to protect ourselves and make sure our vital interests are not jeopardized. At that moment, our belief in Teacher and the Fa would become very weak. Only when we can completely cast aside selfishness, can we be free of attachments, with no loopholes, and become unshakable.
  • From an Average Person to a Genuine Dafa Disciple

    With more truth-clarifying articles published and distributed in our area, the impact in deterring the persecution was huge. The evildoers became much more frightened and acted more reserved when they persecuted Dafa practitioners; some even begged practitioners to remove their names from Minghui's bad-person list. After they realized this, even non practitioners began to protect Falun Gong practitioners.
  • Cultivation Experience Sharing on Resuming Practicing Falun Dafa

    I gradually realized that my perspective in thinking about these problems only focused on myself, and that was exactly the selfishness of the old cosmos. The factors that we should get rid of during our cultivation are all just selfishness from the old cosmos. How can we be enlightened beings in the new cosmos if we cannot get rid of selfishness? We should strive to become righteous beings who are selfless and always put others first, as Master expects of us.
  • Act Righteously

    Once, my boss drank some wine and was very excited. The room was crowded. He said to all the people in the room, "You should learn from Alian. She doesn't mind getting shortchanged. She doesn't fight with others. She doesn't complain about difficult assignments. Very nice! Very truthful, compassionate, forbearing!" Immediately, all the people laughed. When seeing all of us laughing, he said very seriously, "Why are you laughing? I'm telling the truth under the effect of alcohol." People laughed harder since they all agreed with him.
  • Eliminating My Attachment to My Husband's Cultivation Progress

    Several days ago when I happened to open my eyes, I saw his hands drooping again. I was calm, with no anger. I urged myself to let go of the attachment and tried to trust him to be able to do well by himself. A warm current flowed between my legs and arms at this thought, and my legs were no longer painful anymore. It felt warm and comfortable. Two lines of tears rolled down my cheeks. It was merciful Teacher--Teacher knows everything.
  • Thoughts on "Self-Esteem"

    If I completely were to think about the best interests of others, and live for others, then I would always think from the other party's perspective I would sincerely hope for the best for others and make others happy. I would be glad for any little progress others make. When I saw others' mistakes, I would not blame them. I would help them make corrections because their mistakes were like my own.
  • A Few Small Things: Some of My Cultivation Experiences

    With Teacher's benevolent teaching, we wiped our tears and set aside our own glory and pride. Instead, we put the saving of sentient beings above other things. Whether it's personal cultivation or truth-clarification and saving sentient beings, whenever we do well, that's when we meet Teacher's expectation.
  • The Most Important Things in Life

    The next day I went to Tienanmen Square and saw a group of people. A middle-aged man was selling communist flags. After explaining to him that selling those flags would bring him bad luck, he stopped. Furthermore, he agreed to do the three withdrawals. More than ten other people followed his lead and quit the CCP and its youth organizations. I tore up the flags and threw them into the trash can.
  • Cultivating Myself in the Process of Validating the Fa

    As soon as I started to practice Falun Dafa, I immediately relinquished my attachments to fame, material interests, and sentimentality. I guided my life with the Fa principles and felt content. When I eliminated my attachment to my son's academic performance, he got accepted by a top-notch middle school. I was also unexpectedly assigned a very nice apartment unit when I had not cared about getting one. Master gives us the best arrangements as long as we carry ourselves as true cultivators.
  • My Understanding of Some Issues Related to Practicing the Exercises

    Finally, I suggest that practitioners study The Great Consummation Way of Falun Dafa on a regular basis and carefully learn and understand each and every movement that Master has taught us. This is extremely precious. Let's remind each other that we should cherish this special historic time during which Master has personally taught us the exercises. In the future, there will never again be such an opportunity. This is a blessing for us and it is also a glory that will never occur again.
  • The Cultivation Experience of a New Practitioner

    When we arrived at the beach with posters, a French man was there waiting for us. We knew he was arranged by Master to learn about Dafa. As we displayed our posters, he helped out as if he were one of us. My husband and I told him about Dafa and the facts of the persecution. He showed a strong interest in Dafa and looked at Master's exercise photos for a long time. He learned all five sets of exercises. Before he left, we gave him a copy of Zhuan Falun in French and Master's exercise demonstration DVD.
  • The Joy of Cultivation Is Boundless Only When I Truly Cultivate Myself

    Next, we arrived at another household that happened to have a guest from out of town. Because of Teacher's reinforcement and our heartfelt compassion and kindness for these sentient beings, they agreed that Falun Gong was good. However, they didn't agree to quit the CCP or its affiliated organizations. My team mate and I were both pretty sad, so sad that tears welled up in our eyes. They were touched by our sincerity, so the entire family and their guest agreed to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations.