Criminal Police Employ Brainwashed Citizens to do their Dirty Work

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On November 20, at noon, 15 practitioners were having lunch in a restaurant. Suddenly, the police broke in and forcefully took them to the Dewai police station in the Xicheng Area. Their personal property was confiscated and examined repeatedly. The 15 practitioners firmly refused to cooperate with this illegal persecution, did not disclose their names and addresses, and did not reply during interrogation. By November 22, the police, by searching their belongings, identified all the practitioners except one, a pregnant female practitioner who had been released on November 21; the other 14 practitioners were sent to the Xicheng Police Station. During detention, 10 practitioners began a hunger strike to resist the persecution. The other practitioners did not cooperate during police interrogation either. Police from Xicheng Police Station worked together with thugs of the Xicheng "6-10 office" [an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems] to persecute practitioners. They utilized the "reformed" practitioners [former practitioners who gave in to the pressure and renounced Falun Dafa] to hold brainwashing classes in the detention centre. Some practitioners were force-fed during the day and in the evening they were sent to a brainwashing class where they were then tortured until midnight. Some were even tortured until the next morning. Not only do the "reformed" practitioners try to force-feed their evil ideas to the genuine practitioners, they also physically torture and mistreat them. […] Dafa practitioners used compassion to awaken righteous thoughts and to clarify the truth despite their extreme suffering. There are still some Dafa practitioners who went to Tiananmen Square being held in the detention centre. About twenty practitioners are still holding a hunger strike; it has been 20 days. Force-feeding caused bleeding in their stomachs and noses and forced infusion caused their arms to be covered with bruises.

We appeal to the international community to stop the criminal actions of the Jiang Zemin and Luo Gan terrorist regime and to help practitioners who are suffering evil persecution.

Address of Xicheng Detention Centre: #3 Longgang area, Qinghe Town, Beijing, 100085
Telephone: 86-62900192


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