Torture by Police puts Practitioner in Hospital, Where she is Persecuted by Doctors

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Jilin City, Jilin Province

One practitioner was brutally tortured in the Jilin Forced Labour Institute. Once, four vicious policemen used electric batons to shock her continuously for two hours in order to force her to give up Falun Dafa. She didn't give in. She refused to wear the numbered prison uniform. The policemen locked her to the "Dead Person's Bed".
[] She went on a hunger strike to protest this treatment. The forced labour institute force-fed her for 12 days. Once the tube was inserted into her trachea and suffocated her. Since she was dying, the institute was scared and sent her to the hospital; her lung was severely injured from the force-feeding and the forced labour institute claimed she had "tuberculosis" and let her out for medical treatment.

Another Changchun City practitioner didn't comply with the regulations of the institute so her term was extended to 30 days. She kept on practising the exercises, so the police guards and inmates beat her up and shocked her with an electric baton many times. Once a vicious policeman tied her hands and used an electric baton to shock her for over an hour. She was full of wounds and her face was swollen and disfigured. She was forced to stand for a long time. Once, she was forced to stand continuously for six days and nights. The guards also tied her up many times.

Because of this cruel torture, she sometimes could not eat. The guards then force-fed her. Afterwards, her two hands twitched and she coughed up blood. The forced labour institute then moved her to a police hospital. At this time, she only weighed 70 kg. But the doctors were unconcerned and unprofessional. They concluded that she had "tuberculosis" in the "open stage" without conducting any examination. The doctors gave her injections for TB, which caused severe side effects on her.

The practitioner resisted, so the hospital put handcuffs and shackles on her and then forced the injection. Later, after the test results became available, the doctors knew that she did not have TB. They still gave her TB injections in order to cause side effects. The practitioner questioned the doctor. The doctor was afraid and hid the medicine. Once she went to the toilet, another criminal in the hospital kicked her left eye and said it was punishment for unplugging the IV herself. Her eyes turned red and swollen immediately and her nose was bleeding. She reported to the administrator of the hospital. But the vicious hospital policemen told her, "You have no rights here. You are not allowed to tell your relatives and no leader will listen to you." Thus, the practitioner was tortured and almost died. Then they allowed her to leave for medical treatment.


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