Demonic Police Officers Take Pleasure in Torturing Innocent Practitioners

By a practitioner in China
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Liaoyuan City, Liaoning Province

In 1999, we were sentenced to Liaoyuan Forced Labour Institute because we practiced Falun Gong. The police guards forced us to do heavy labour work such as digging ditches, blending concrete and carrying rocks to make money for the labour institute. We had to work fast, because when you slowed down a little, the guards would come to beat you or curse you. At noontime, we would have half an hour to rest and eat. At night, 13 people slept on a big wooden board. It was so crowded that everyone had to sleep on his side.

The police guards often tortured the practitioners for fun. They would handcuff the practitioners. In this way, the practitioners couldn't sleep at night but were still forced to do heavy labour during the day. One day in August 2000, a vicious guard cuffed me to a pipe all night long. Sometimes, they would cuff practitioners to the window and let the mosquitoes sting them. Once a wicked policeman punished Liu Jingrong by forcing him to lie in the lavatory for a night beside human waste. Criminal inmates were instructed by the guard to beat up practitioner Qu Hongkui. After that, he couldn't move for a long time.

In order to force the practitioners to "break away from Dafa", the guards applied many physical punishments to the practitioners such as "standing facing the wall for a long time" and "riding an airplane". [For a description of this torture technique see]. They assigned the criminal inmates to monitor us. If anyone moved from the "standing" or "riding" positions, the inmates would beat the practitioners with a wooden plank. Sometimes, they struck so hard that the wooden plank would break. Then they would use thick optical fibre cable to whip them. They would always curse the practitioners with dirty words while whipping them. Once in October 2000, the wicked director of the Education Section, Wang Zhixue, was drunk. He came back to beat practitioner Zhang Weixi for two hours. After Zhang was carried back to the cell, he had so many wounds and bruises that he was almost unrecognizable. Two days later, Zhang's whole body was swollen and he lost his eyesight. The other guards sent him to the hospital and found that two of his ribs were broken. Even so, the guards didn't allow any medical treatment.

Another practitioner Liu Duansheng was stripped down and handcuffed behind his back to a heating pipe. The police guards used electric batons to shock him all over his body. The scene was so terrible that the criminal inmates started to cry and begged the guards to stop. But the thug director Wang Zhixue didn't stop, on the contrary, he laughed loudly as if he was mad.


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