The Smell of Burning Flesh Fills the Air at Beijing's Tuanhe Forced Labour Camp

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By Falun Dafa Practitioners in China

1. As soon as Falun Dafa practitioners walk inside the door of the Beijing Tuanhe Labour Camp, they are cruelly shocked with electric batons by twenty to thirty police. The whole area is filled with the blue sparks of the electric batons and the smell of burning flesh.
2. After practitioners are shocked with electric batons, they have to go through the sterilizing room. Police force everyone into this room shouting "Report!" until their voices are gone.
3. Practitioners are then divided into classes. Three or four criminal inmates are assigned to strictly watch over each Falun Dafa practitioner. They can beat or curse practitioners at any time. They force practitioners to recite the 23 camp regulations. If unable to do so, they do not let the practitioner rest, forcing him to squat and stand repeatedly until he can correctly recite the rules.
4. About thirty to forty people use each toilet. The police only allow toilet use for a total of five to seven minutes for each designated toilet break. The guards let criminal inmates use the toilet first, often leaving no time for Falun Dafa practitioners to have a turn. Instead, practitioners are chased back to their classes. Under these circumstances, Falun Dafa practitioners only eat a tiny bit of food every day since they have no place where they can relieve themselves. Many have not been able to hold themselves in under these extreme circumstances. The sanitation of the assignment division is awful in the labour camp. Almost half of the prisoners have scabies, lice and genital rashes.
5. Falun Dafa practitioners in the assignment division have to fold their hands and lower their heads to walk. Some of these practitioners' neck vertebrae have deformed, leaving them unable to raise their heads.
6. One 40-year-old Falun Dafa practitioner from the Northeast was beaten to death. After his death, police made a show of carrying him to the hospital, intravenous still attached, videotaping the staged "rescue effort" for propaganda purposes. (This was accidentally divulged by an official who worked in the assignment division.)
7. After a Falun Dafa practitioner is transferred from the assignment division to the labour camp, if he does not write a statement that betrays Falun Dafa he will receive a double dose of torture. Oftentimes, practitioners' heads are tied between their legs, and they are crammed beneath a bed. Sometimes, their mouths and heads are tightly covered with adhesive tape and they are crammed beneath a bed for a long time.

Lu Changjun is a Falun Dafa practitioner from the Northeast. He had to fold himself under a bed with his arms holding his head between his legs. Another person jumped up and down on top of the bed, fracturing Lu Changjun's spine and leaving his upper body paralyzed. One half of his face was black and blue, his eyes were congested with blood and he looked horrifying beyond all description. Later the muscles of his lower limbs atrophied and he was in and out of a coma for three days. He was dying. Finally he was sent to the hospital. They threatened him and told him not to tell the truth of his condition. His family members had to ask around to find out what happened to him.

Practitioners Xie Yufeng and Zhang Yanfang were held down on the lawn and shocked with electric batons for half a day. A practitioner from the Northeast, Zhu Xuanwu, was beaten until he was crippled.

Practitioner Zhang Jiuhai from Pinggu County was beaten until he lost consciousness, and then doused with icy water to wake him up.

8. The labour camp is changing its torture tactics now. They use "high strength brainwashing" where practitioners are bombarded with anti-Falun Gong messages and subjected to long periods of sleep deprivation. They hope to exhaust practitioners' energy and break down their minds. If practitioners will still not give in, they lock them in the "small cells." A small cell can only fit one bed. A person is tied onto the bed and given only a little food with meagre nutrition, even during holidays. The Head of the No. 2 brigade of the labour camp said, "The standard for a transformed Falun Dafa practitioner is not only that he has written statements that betray Falun Dafa, but also that he has beaten and cursed at other practitioners."


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