Recently Revealed Facts Regarding Torture At Masanjia Labour Camp

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The Masanjia Forced Labour Camp tortures and persecutes all the Falun Gong practitioners illegally detained there. Whenever a Dafa practitioner is brought in, he or she is first detained in an empty room by guards who then arrange for former Dafa practitioners, who have renounced their belief under torture, to jointly attack the practitioner. During that period, the practitioner is not allowed to return to his or her room, to contact any other practitioner, or to read Dafa books and practice Dafa exercises.

The command most often issued by guards and former practitioners is, "Do not speak!" From early morning when practitioners get up to late evening when they go to bed, except for labouring work, having meals, a half hour break at noon, and a time slot for going to the restroom, practitioners are only allowed to sit on a small, twenty centimetre wide stool and are not permitted to stand up and look out the windows.

In the morning, 3 to 5 minutes is allowed for using the restroom, which includes washing and brushing teeth. If the time is exceeded, guards utilize the former practitioners to attack and abuse the practitioner. Practitioners are not allowed to take a bath for 12 months.

Presently, the Masanjia Forced Labour Camp forces Dafa practitioners to make products that contain harmful substances. Dafa practitioners unknowingly inhale this substance that results in persistent coughs. Practitioners have to work from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. or 12 to 13 hours a day.

Dafa practitioner Wang Ling refused to listen to the slandering propaganda but was forced to do so against her will. She didn't yield to them and held a hunger strike. Because of that, in December 2001, she was cuffed for more than 20 days and confined in a solitary cell for 6 days. She was not allowed to sleep and was also tortured by being exposed to a freezing cold environment.

On January 15, 2001, Dafa practitioner Xu Lanfang was confined in a solitary cell because she reprimanded the former practitioners. She was not allowed to sleep and was tortured by being forced outdoors in freezing temperatures for a lengthy period of time. Her term was due to expire on October 18, 2001, but she was further detained with various excuses. Her term was extended, and she is now set for release in September 2002.

Dafa practitioner Liu Xiuying wrote a letter to the leaders of her company, asking for a meeting with them to explain her situation. Liu was arrested at the Shengyang City railway station when she went to visit her younger sister. She was illegally sentenced to a two-year forced re-education through labour with the charge of "Intention to go to Beijing". However, she never received any response even though she has written many letters during the year.


The guards strictly control Dafa practitioners' communication by separating them. Practitioners live in different rooms and are never allowed to meet with each other.

The above are only a few examples of the persecutions suffered by Dafa practitioners. Since the Masanjia Forced Labour Camp has long been illegally detaining Dafa practitioners for extended terms and also strictly controls their meetings with family members, many facts of their persecution have never before been revealed. A practitioner told her family members, "It is hard for people to image the persecution we suffered here." Presently, true practitioners detained at the labour camp suffer tremendously everyday. We hope all kind-hearted people in the world pay attention to the situation at Masanjia and extend your support to the detained practitioners. Your upholding justice is a powerful strike at these evil deeds and the most effective means of stopping the persecution.

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