Indonesia: Practitioners in Surabaya Hold Candlelight Vigils in July to Condemn the Persecution

On the occasion of the seventh anniversary of Falun Gong practitioners around the world persisting in their resistance to the persecution, Falun Gong practitioners in the Surabaya area held a candlelight vigil every Saturday night during the month of July to mourn fellow practitioners in China who have died as a result of persecution in the past seven years. The event also allowed for participants to express the Falun Gong practitioners’ resolution and courage for persisting in the anti-persecution efforts. The activity kicked off on July 8th, 2006.

Candlelight vigil

Poem recital Chairman of Indonesia Society Investigation Research Organization Drs. Aruchat Djaswadi speaks during the activity

On the afternoon of July 8th, Falun Gong practitioners from Surabaya, and counties neighbouring East Java gathered in the park opposite the office of the East Java Provincial Governor to hold their memorial activity. The park is located at the busiest area of Surabaya, facing the bustling road with vehicles and flow of people. Practitioners’ eye-catching banners and yellow exercise costumes attracted attention from people in vehicles and passersby. At 4:30 p.m., the exercise music was played. At 5:00 p.m., as it was getting dark, the candles were lit, and the atmosphere turned solemn during the candlelight vigil. A poem recital followed, along with speeches, singing and other activities to express the practitioners’ untiring perseverance in anti-persecution and their mourning of fellow practitioners in Mainland China.

The three-hour activity concluded with the singing of "Coming For You."

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