The Brutal Persecution of Yu Ming at the Tuanhe Forced Labour Camp, Beijing

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On October 24th, 2006 when the labourers from the First Team of the Tuanhe Forced Labour Camp were watching news on TV, they suddenly heard, "Falun Dafa is good!" There were noises of people running and shouting; a person was slapped on the face. The prison guards that were utilised by the police to persecute Falun Gong practitioners stuffed mop-rags into Dafa practitioner Yu Ming's mouth to silence him.

Due to long-term torture, Yu Ming has ulcers all around his mouth, which smell bad. This was the third time Yu Ming had been arrested and detained at the Tuanhe Forced Labour Camp.

Later, the prison monitor said that the prison doctors headed by Xiao Zheng added large amounts of sleeping pills to Yu Ming's food. This made him sleepy every day. He was tied onto a bed and could not move. He suffered tremendous physical and mental torture and was extremely weak.

Yu Ming was arrested by National Security agents in July 2006. He was detained at the Labourer Relocation Depot in Beijing, where he went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution. Later, when they could not force-feed him anymore, Mr. Yu was sent to the Tuanhe Hospital, where they intensified the persecution against him. In June and July, Falun Dafa practitioners who went to the Tuanhe Hospital saw Yu Ming tied to the bed where he was force-fed or was receiving infusions.

On the afternoon of September 14th, 2006, two policemen -- Gong Wei and Li Hong Xing from the Tuanhe Forced Labour Camp--took Yu Ming from the Tuanhe Hospital back to the First Team. Throughout the detention term, Yu Ming did not cooperate with the persecutors' unreasonable demands. Therefore, the police chose 12 of the toughest prison labourers from all teams to act as prison monitors. Three of these monitors formed a shift, and each shift was monitored by one guard. Each shift lasted six hours. The monitors would torment Mr. Yu by beating him.

The police locked Yu Ming in a small room. This room was specially built so that the loudest voice could not be heard from outside. Every day, the task of these prison monitors was to torture Yu Ming; otherwise, they themselves would be brutally beaten by the police. To monitor the room, the police installed a TV monitor and wiretap.

During the morning of September 18th, three prison monitors took Yu Ming to the infirmary to force-feed him. When they force-fed him the second time on September 20th, seven to eight members of the Independent Unit (guards fully armed with electric batons) forcibly dragged Yu Ming to the infirmary since he had refused to cooperate with the brutal force-feeding. The next day, the guards from the infirmary came to the cell to force-feed him.

From then on, Yu Ming was tied to the bed 24 hours a day, where he was force-fed. When Yu Ming shouted, "Falun Dafa is good" to protest these atrocities, the police played pop songs on the sound system at maximum volume to cover the shouting.

Administration Division Director: Zhao (hostile towards Falun Dafa practitioners)

Police on the First Team:
Head: Liu Guoxi
Deputy Head: Guo Jinghe, Gong Wei, Chen Xueshi

Team Leader: Wei Guoping, Chen Jianfeng, Li Hongxing, Zhao Weiguang, Liu Shenyang, Zhang Chao, Wang Fengbao, Zhang Haisheng, Wu Xuemi, Liang Jinheng, Tian Yu, Wang Kaiyuan, Xi Lei.

Ward Doctor: Xiao Zheng

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