The Seriousness of Cultivation

Shared at the 2006 Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference, Prague

In 2002 Teacher’s arrangement lead me from the turbulent life in the Czech Republic to New Zealand where I came across and started to practise Falun Gong at the first day of my stay (on 29th September 2002).

At the hotel I met another lodger, we were the only lodgers there, and we both arrived that day – each of us from different parts of the same planet. At that time I had my own cultivation way and so in the evening I sat to do my meditation. That another man, when saw me in that position, couldn’t stop himself from telling me that we had to be set up together by a predestined relationship – he kindly pointed out this fact to me and he started to talk about Falun Dafa.

I was listening. All I had seen with my third eye before in my life, all what agitated me, because nobody and no book couldn’t explain me what I saw, what frighted me and what happened to me – this man had very simple and logic answers almost to all my questions.

In the morning we said to each other goodbye and each of us went his own way. For my way I obtained publication about Falun Dafa.

In the very beginning of my cultivation I was encouraged by Teacher – with my Third Eye I saw the true cultivated pure body at the end of cultivation... I was stunned by its lightness, which was surpassing all attachments of this world. My understanding of that moment was, that this is the goal which I want / should achieve in my cultivation. I sensed this being in my body and I realised also how it is imprisoned deep inside under hard-to-move-away-layers of various notions, opinions and attachments that I gained through my life. I felt like giving up every little one of these attachments at that very moment, but it was just the beginning of my painful cultivation.

First and serious challenges in my cultivation was unbearable pain in my shoulder, that disabled me from doing the exercises. I learnt the exercises on my own from the book, but the pain didn’t let me to raise my left arm – I wasn’t able to do even the first movement of the exercises which kept me annoyed. After two weeks of efforts and self excuses I decided to overcome the tribulation at any cost. A miracle happened to me. The pain which I was suffering several months and which caused that I wear my arm in a sling and which even doctors couldn’t help me with, was gone. It took two seconds. It was leaving with the gradual strengthening of my arm and overcoming pain. It went through the arm as through the tunnel and left the body through fingertips.

I am going to talk about some situations which revealed to me the extraordinariness and invaluable meaning of Falun Dafa.

Once I was studying the Falun Gong teachings, the Fa, with the practitioner who introduced me to the practice. I didn’t have all the lectures of our Teacher so often I was just listening. The words were penetrating deep inside me, but once, in the half of the lecture I missed the meaning of one sentence. Before I asked my fellow practitioner to repeat the sentence, he did it himself – he just read the whole sentence again by himself. I thought, “Good! How does he know?” Another time he gave me a bound book of Falun Gong saying, “I had a feeling that you or some of your friends might need it.” The day before one woman asked me for a Falun Gong book. He, despite we didn’t see each other for two weeks, had a prepared book for me. I asked myself, “How is that possible?”

A friend of mine came to New Zealand for a visit and I introduced him to the practice. We were going through the mountains of Southern Zealand, when, all of a sudden, the front wheel of our car had broke off in the 90km speed. The car was out of control, it ran another 15 metres and at the end it run off the road into a small lay-by. My friend jumped out immediately, “Did you see that? We were extremely lucky, there are only narrow roads without any crash barriers by the side, and under us are steep cliffs. This is perhaps the only place where we could stop, and not fall from the cliffs and at the same time not block other cars.” I realised the protection which Teacher Li gives to Dafa disciples.

Zhuan Falun, 3rd Talk, The things your Teacher gives his students:

"When you say you want to cultivate, they won’t put up with it … They won’t let it happen, and they’ll do just about anything to block you. They’ll try to stop you from cultivating. So they use all kinds of tactics to interfere with you, and they might even come to kill you. Of course, it won’t happen like you’re meditating here and your head just gets cut off—that’s impossible, since it has to conform to the way of things in the ordinary world. Maybe you’ll be hit by a car…"

The second day after this event I read this part of the Fa to my friend who, too, immediately understood who lead our car to a safe place.

During my cultivation I came across several other events, some of them had a very important impact on my further cultivation.

The Meaning of Marriage

My understanding of marriage was changing from “wedding is good for nothing” through “OK, but just with the parents and witnesses” to “wedding with all the necessities”. Sharing with other practitioners helped me to better comprehend the meaning of marriage, but it was not until the ceremony that I obtained the true understanding of it.

Several weeks before the wedding I saw a “couple” in our family who lived together but were not married. In that vision they were continuously hitting on each other in their joint household, even though on the surface they were getting along with each other very well. I realised that this is the form through which the unmarried couples create karma.

After the wedding I felt physically how me and my wife were uniting together into one. Religions speak about this, yet common people can’t see it. And maybe this is the reason why they are less and less aware of the real meaning of marriage and are getting divorced. What I saw was, that “get divorced” is just a phrase which can’t be actually fulfilled in depth. We promised faithfulness to each other on the surface but deep inside in another dimension I realised that it were gods who united us in one thing. And this is something we just can’t divide.

Understanding Death

One month after the wedding my father came and said: “Mum died today.” It was sudden, nobody expected it. All my body was empty in one instant, disturbance of physical life faded away, or it couldn’t reach me, it was a shock and I didn’t know how to respond. First thing I heard were our Master’s words from Zhuan Falun that were running through my head:

“In your cycle of rebirth, if you want to count the mothers that are human and nonhuman, they’re just countless. And how many children have you had over all those lifetimes? They’re countless, too. Who is your mother? Who are your children? When you take your last breath no once recognises anyone...”

I was a little worried about what impression would give my family. I am aware of further journey of the soul after death – but they aren’t. And I thought that they might recognise it from my external behaviour and not accept it. I saw another journey of my mother’s soul and how she is left the bonds of this physical body and that she is actually doing well now... but the family couldn’t see into my world. They sat around, deeply sorrowful about this great loss. It was like a water surface partitioning two worlds. They were under water and when they looked up what they saw was only their images reflected in the surface of the water, I was above and could see the truth of both situations – my mothers and also of my family’s heart-breaking pain. I didn’t know how to act at the beginning. They wouldn’t accept what I see.

As i was more and more enveloped into the situation, drastical changes also begun. My body reacted strongly, different kinds of pain occurred and changing feelings were strongly intensified by the burial preparations.

One practitioner called me and said, “Don’t try to be a good practitioner“, which I understood as, “Don’t be a hero. You’re a human, so let it come out.” This reminded me the sentence from Essentials for Further Advancement, Expounding on the Fa.

"Cherishing your human side enables you to enlighten to and ascend in the Fa."

I understood that this is not a situation for me to act like “I take control of everything.” My uncultivated part wanted to mourn. One question stood before me for a moment, whether to look it over, lock it and go on, or to stay open for the possibility, where my part in this world can deal with it. It was not about making a decision. I realised that it’s the Teacher who arranges the path of cultivation for us to help us elevate in the Fa as quickly as possible. I saw that if I locked this thing in me and went on, it would be as heavy burden that I would have to drag with me and also I would miss the prepared situation and wouldn’t improve in anything.

I let this part to come out and tried to be a witness of how it deals with the situation. Reliefs came in strong waves. Sometimes an uncontrollable cry, which I would otherwise tried to stop, helped me, and I felt that it brought me relief, and at the same time I obtained the images of the whole prearranged relationships in our family story.

"Cherishing your human side enables you to enlighten to and ascend in the Fa." – this sentence was the most important for me at that period of cultivation.

My mother’s death is still a very sensitive matter for me. And sometimes situations attacking my emotional attachments still appear. Mother helped us with preparing Falun Dafa materials and at the beginning stages of our websites she would do corrections of articles, once she also listened to the entirety of Master’s lecture in Chinese, which I partly translated to her. She also spoke nicely about Dafa, I believe that Master prepared a good future for her.

Teacher, thank you for everything.
Thank you, practitioners.

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