Neglecting Computer Security Aids the Persecution

Some fellow practitioners living overseas have long neglected the computer security issue, causing all sorts of information to be stolen by those evil individuals involved in the persecution. In reality, that information was making it convenient for the persecution to sustain, which damages efforts to let more people learn the facts. We must awaken on this issue.

During the past several years, the evil has frequently entered some fellow practitioners' email boxes, including some Falun Dafa Association members, important project coordinators, newspaper editors/journalists, and TV station regional coordinators/journalists, and as broadly dispersed as North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. These fellow practitioners mostly belong to multiple email lists such as the Falun Dafa Association, Lawsuits, Clarifying the Truth to the Government, Investigation Organisation, the media groups, clarifying the truth to Mainland groups, and others. The evil has stolen much of the e-mail content. Some fellow practitioners pay attention only to individual projects, but fail to pay attention to group communication security, which has resulted in many incidents. They also fail to take responsibility for their mistakes, mitigate the possible damage, learn from the lessons, and let go of their notions and attachments.

Some fellow practitioners neglect the computer security issue because they lack the ability to see the severe damage that can result from not taking care. In fact, if one made such a mistake in an ordinary employment setting, one would be immediately fired once the loss was evident. Just because some of us did not see the actual damage does not mean that we do not have to think of the whole body and follow group operation standards among practitioners.

If any of the following scenarios happened, the evil would exploit the gaps we provided to further sustain the persecution:

-- If the evil learnt when and on which points we are largely clarifying the truth to western governments about harvesting living Falun Gong practitioners' organs.

-- If the evil learnt our plan and strategies in the Singapore lawsuit.

-- If the evil learnt who coordinates which project, who is going through a character test with whom, and which practitioner has a personality that could be used to their advantage.

-- If the evil learnt whom we are about to sue in which country.

-- If the evil installed viruses in a practitioner's e-mail and effectively became a subscriber of the same e-mail lists.

-- If the evil continuously obtained all the data from a certain coordinator's computers and obtained all the information from this coordinator through his daily Dafa work.

-- If the evil obtained your address book that contains the communication links of your project team, etc.

Master taught us in "Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Atlanta Fa Conference,"

"I think everybody should pay attention to this point. Even though we don't have anything to hide, we can't let the secret agents interfere."

We Falun Dafa practitioners are saving sentient beings no matter who they are. If we neglect security measures and enable the evil to do harm, then many sentient beings cannot be saved, and we are hindering our own progress. In fact, it is damaging Master's Fa-rectification.

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