Holland: European Celestial Band Leads the Way During an Annual Parade

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On April 21st, 2007, with the theme of ‘‘Joyful Celebration’’, the 60th 'Great Flower Vehicle Parade' was held in Holland. The 'Celestial Band', a marching band consisting of European Falun Gong practitioners, walked at the front of the parade, leading the way with a piece of music specially composed by Falun Gong practitioners. Forty vehicles in the whole parade proceeded slowly.

The splendid Celestial Band walked at the front of the parade

Fairy dancers were very popular with the public A little girl was attracted by the Celestial Band and copied the performers with her hands

Holland is world famous for its flowers, the national flower is the tulip. The highest quality tulips and hyacinths are produced in a little town called Lisse. Every April during the spring, the large and beautiful Keukenhof Flower Show and Lisse Flower Vehicles Parade can be seen. The flower show can be viewed for up to three months, but the flower vehicles parade lasts only one day.

The Falun Gong procession was divided into three parts: The Celestial Band, fairy dancers and a troupe of waist-drummers. All were applauded warmly by an appreciative audience. The Celestial Band at the front of the parade was highly praised: ‘‘There is indeed something of spirit in the music, which can make you feel spiritually sublime.’’

‘‘Great, extremely good’’. Chinese people working in the Chinese restaurants atlong the parade route put their thumbs up, saying, ‘‘Your music is very good’’.

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