Removing the Attachment of Relying on Others - We Each Should Walk our Own Path

A coordinator from our area recently moved to another town for a job opportunity, which led to many discussions among local practitioners. Some thought the coordinator hadn't removed his attachment to personal interest and didn't take his Falun Dafa related activities as a priority, whilst others thought he should move for the job since he needed money to pay off his debts. However, they held one opinion in common which is that the coordinator's departure is a huge loss in their town.

Is this true?

It seems so from a superficial perspective. Since the persecution illegally started against Falun Gong on July 20th, 1999, that fellow practitioner had been a coordinator. He had also been a coordinator for another town. Most of the activities and projects in these two towns were coordinated by him. He assumed many responsibilities and contributed more effort than did other practitioners. He had a family business, and due to various reasons, his family was in debt for thousands of yuan. During the past eight years, he spent a lot of time on Falun Dafa projects and wasn't able to repay his debt. He planned to move to another place for a job last year, however practitioners where he lived persuaded him to stay, so he stayed. Last year, his family accumulated even more debt, so he finally decided to move for a job in order to pay back the debt.

We are sure that no matter where he went, he would be able to do well with the three things that Teacher asked us to do. For the practitioners in the two towns he was leaving: Have you ever thought of the fact that you had been too dependent on him? Isn't this an attachment?

Every Falun Dafa practitioner came from a very high level and was the lord or king of a firmament or celestial body. Each celestial body is unique, which means each practitioner needs to walk their own path during Fa-rectification cultivation in order to enlighten to things that belong to our own worlds. Only in this way will we be able to manage our own worlds and the countless sentient beings there. The new cosmos needs this and Teacher expects this. Therefore, when validating the Fa and saving sentient beings, we all need to take the Falun Gong teachings, the Fa, as Teacher and remove our attachments to relying on others. We need to find our own paths. If we are dependent on coordinators for everything, we would be following some individuals instead of the Fa. How can we find our own path if we don't have our own ideas? We need to enlighten to our own fruit status.

From this perspective, we see that when the coordinator leaves, the practitioners who remain have the opportunity to truly take the Fa as Teacher and think independently in order to find their own paths while validating the Fa. In fact, if they hadn't had the attachment of relying on that one practitioner, he might not have had the financial problems which forced him to move to another place for a job. From this perspective, the coordinator's moving away is actually a good thing for both the coordinator and the practitioners in those two towns.

When validating the Fa, some practitioners rely on coordinators. Some rely on practitioners who have strong righteous thoughts or special technical skills. For example, when distributing materials, some practitioners wanted to go with those who have strong righteous thoughts since they would feel "more relaxed" with them. Some practitioners at the materials center are dependent on those who have technical skills. If those practitioners left, the center could be paralyzed. We've had many lessons when we are too dependent on others. The attachment causes trouble for either ourselves or those that we depend on, which causes losses when saving sentient beings. Therefore, every true practitioner needs to pay attention to this attachment in order for us to actively walking down our own path to do well the three things and save more sentient beings.

Removing the attachment of relying on others and walking down our own path does not mean eliminating coordination or not listening to coordinators' suggestions.

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