Ms. He Xianggu in Critical Condition in a Mental Hospital

Ms. He Xianggu, a practitioner from Changsha City, is an operating room nurse in the Hunan Province Women and Children's Health Care Hospital. On May 10th, 2008, she was arrested and tortured by Chinese Communist Party (CCP) thugs for the fourth time. She is now in critical condition. At present, she is being detained in the Hunan Province Brain Hospital (formerly known as the Hunan Province Mental Hospital), and her family is strictly prohibited from seeing her.

Since the CCP launched the persecution of Falun Gong in 1999, Ms. He has been detained in the same hospital twice. While there she was injected with an unknown drug that made her feel nauseous and uneasy and her entire body stiff and weak. Wu Shifan (male), the CCP secretary in her workplace at that time, went to the mental hospital to berate and ridicule her. He also instructed the doctors there on ways to abuse her.

Before she was taken to the mental hospital this last time, she was already critically ill. To shirk responsibility, Baimalong Forced Labour Camp in Zhuzhou City took her to Chemical Industry Hospital for emergency treatment and instructed her employer and her relatives to pick her up there. This is the third time that Baimalong Forced Labour Camp personnel have tortured her almost to death.

Her relatives were all very grieved about the situation. When they picked her up, they planned to take her to You County, where she was raised, so she could regain her health. However, after Hu (male), the CCP office director at her place of employment, discussed the situation with Changsha City 610 Office1 authorities, they vetoed this plan, claiming that Ms. He must be taken back to Changsha City.

Her relatives felt they had no choice but to comply with this unreasonable demand. However, when they arrived at Changsha City on July 10th, they realized that her workplace had no plans at all to send her back to her home in the Wujialing Community, Kaifu District. Instead, her employer took her directly to the mental hospital and prohibited her family from visiting her.

We call on everyone with a sense of righteousness and justice to urgently help rescue Ms. He.

Related telephone numbers:

Zeng Chunlin (male), hospital administrator for the Hunan Province Women and Children's Health Care Hospital: 86-731-4332101
Zhang Hui (male), CCP secretary of the hospital

Changsha City "610 Office":
Wu Zhibin (male), director: 86-731-8667548
Wu Kaiming (male), deputy director: 86-731-8667549

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1. "The 610 office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.

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