Ms. Zhang Ying Tortured in a Detention Centre in Shanghai

Name: Zhang Ying
Gender: Female
Age: 39
Address: South Street of Baoshan District, Shanghai
Occupation: Unknown

Date of Most Recent Arrest: September 8th, 2009
Most Recent Place of Detention: Changning District Detention Centre
City: Shanghai
Persecution Suffered: Imprisonment, Physical Constraint, Force-Feedings, Interrogation, Hung Up, Torture
Key Persecutors: Wei Liguang
Defence Attorney: Zhang Chuanli

Ms. Zhang Ying has been on a hunger strike for 30 days to protest her arrest and interrogation with torture. She was brutally force fed while her four limbs were tied to a bed. She was very weak and could not stand up. The Changning District Police Station arrested her. Her family has called for help to rescue her.

Her lawyer, Mr. Zhang Weili of Jingshun Law Firm in Beijing, saw her on September 23rd. Mr. Zhang said, "I saw her in the Shanghai Prison Hospital at 3 p.m. while she was receiving medical treatment. She was in poor physical condition." Attorney Zhang added, "Now she cannot walk on her own and needs to hold onto someone to walk. She was very weak. Her blood pressure was 140/200."

Ms. Zhang told her lawyer that she was interrogated with torture. Her lawyer has written a legal document based on her account and sent it to the Discipline Inspection Department in the Public Security Bureau and Judicial Disciplinary Department in the Procuratorate to request an investigation.

She was arrested on September 8th by the National Security Bureau of the Shanghai Changning District Public Security Bureau when she was on her way home after shopping in a supermarket. She was then held in the Changning District Detention Centre.

Ms. Zhang told her lawyer, "When the police arrested me, they did not show me any summons or arrest warrant. It was illegal." On that day she was taken to the Changning District Xianxialu Police Station. The police asked her repeatedly if she knew an elderly man. They did not have any evidence to hold her. Police officers Wei Liguang, Yang Ying (female), Chen Ying (female), Chen Hao, Zhu Fengming, and Qian Jun cuffed Ms. Zhang's hands behind her back and hung her in the air. Ms. Zhang was in such excruciating pain that she passed out. Even though her blood pressure also shot up to 140/200, the detention centre did not have her examined. She held a hunger strike in the detention centre and was sent to the Shanghai Prison Hospital for emergency care four days later.

Ms. Zhang's mother told a Minghui website [Chinese version of] correspondent that she and her husband and Ms. Zhang's in-laws all depend on Ms. Zhang to take care of them. Ms. Zhang's arrest means that the four elderly people have lost their caretaker. She and her husband went to the authorities to demand their daughter's release, but no one responded to them. She said, "I rely on Zhang Ying to care for us. I'm so worried about what has happened to her that my heart disease is acting up, and I don't have the money to go see a doctor."

This was Ms. Zhang's fourth arrest. Prior to this, she served a forced labour term twice and was held in a brainwashing centre. She was subjected to different brutal tortures. Her husband, Lan Bing, was sentenced to 10 years in prison and was tortured until he almost lost his eyesight when he was incarcerated in the Shanghai City Lanqiao Prison. He had just been released for a few months and was arrested again for the fourth time. The couple had just been reunited after being separated for eight years, but now they are separated again.

Chen Hao, Changning District Xianxialu Police Station: 86-21-23030272, 86-13061996665 (Mobile)
Yang Ying, Changning District Xianxialu Police Station: 86-21-23030279
Wei Liguang, Changning District Public Security Bureau: 86-21-62906290, x39461
Zhou Zheng, Chief of Changning District Public Security Bureau: 86-21-62906290

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