Former Danish MP: "Fine, old, traditional Chinese culture has such riches to give to the world"

Former member of the Danish Parliament Mr. Ole Gerström went to see the Shen Yun Performing Arts in Aarhus on April 2, 2010, and took some time to discuss his impressions about the show as well as share some thoughts about traditional Chinese culture.

Mr. Gerström said he was happy to see so many Danes present to witness what he called "a message" from traditional Chinese culture.

Former member of the Danish parliament, Mr. Ole Gerstrom.

"It is one of the really sad things in this world today, that this great, wonderful country of China, over the past sixty years has degraded into purely materialistic thinking, of power, evil and killing. And we know that behind all this, is fine, old, traditional Chinese culture, with Lao Zi, Confucius, and Buddha, which has such riches to give to the world."

Many Westerners today turn to the east for spiritual inspiration, Mr. Gerström observed. He has many friends who have made journeys to Asia, seeking a "spiritual awakening." He even shared some of his own spiritual experiences and beliefs.

"This old wisdom, that is, the spirit, the higher worlds, spiritual beings, reincarnation ... I remember lots of past lives. I've lived in China thousands of years ago, so all this makes quite a difference."

With regards to the present regime in China, Mr. Gerström is very critical:

"I'm sorry to say that mainland China is ruled by the most anti-Chinese movement we know in the world today ... I don't know, shall we be nice to them and say it's a total lack of wisdom. Spirituality is absent to a large degree in Denmark too, but at least here you don't get put in jail for talking about spiritual values."

Mr. Gerström had nothing but praise for the show, which he called "such an experience." One of his favorite numbers was the piece "Mongolian Hospitality."

He also said that what he brought with him was a sense that the current state of affairs in China can be changed, and that the power of true spiritual values in people is greater than that of soldiers and police, and that we should all make our voices heard.

"Speak up! Say what has to be said," was his message.


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