My Experience of Being Abducted by Policemen from Wuhan City

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Since December 2000, policemen from the Jiang'an District Police Station, Wuhan City, Hubei Province have never stopped arresting people, searching their residences, and confiscating their property. At noon on November 30, 2001, 13 people broke into my home and tried to abduct me after handcuffing both of my hands. Among them were Sheng, chief of the Jiang'an District Police Station; Zhao Changjiang and Meng Hanxiang, policemen; the director and the Party secretary of the Administrative Office; Zhang Changhan, residential community chair; and a chair of public security. They forced me down to the floor, kicked me, and stepped on my chest. I was almost suffocated. Upon seeing them treating a woman with such violence and cruelty, my husband protested loudly and drove them out of our home.

Half an hour after my husband had left for work, they broke into my home again while I was changing my clothes that were dirty as the result of being kicked and stepped on. When they dragged me down from the top floor with all their strength, I was only in my thermal underwear. During the dragging, my sweater was torn and my thermal underwear was even pulled off, leaving me only in my panties. My body turned black and blue due to their kicking.

Later, I was illegally abducted to Wuhan City First Female Detention Centre in Erzhigou, where the food was in poor condition and daily necessities were sold at very high prices. Policemen did not allow family members to deliver any daily necessities. Many other Dafa practitioners were illegally detained there. When the policemen broke in the door and violently abducted them, some of them were having a meal and some others were doing housework. Some practitioners' small children or old parents were left at home while no one could take care of them.

Here, we strongly call on all kind-hearted people around the world, all the human rights organizations in different countries, and anyone with a sense of justice to extend your helping hands. Let us together stop the violence of Jiang's Political Scoundrel Regime and put an end to the persecution. All illegally detained Falun Gong practitioners must be released unconditionally.

* * *

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