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  • Music: Plum Trees Blossom, Spring Fills the Garden

  • Orchestral Music: A Millennium of Waiting

  • An Ancient Story of the Consequences of Adultery

    During the Qing Dynasty, there were twin boys who lived in Yuzhang. They not only looked the same, they acted the same as well; even their parents couldn't tell them apart. The parents named them after they started to speak. At school their understanding of text and writing were also the same. At the age of 20, they became students of a court academic.
  • History: Emperor Tang Taizong’s Leniency Based Principles

    In the Zhenguan Era, Year One of the early Tang Dynasty (618-917), a plot against the emperor was discovered in Qingzhou, and local officials arrested many people. The local prison was full. Being uneasy with the situation, Emperor Taizong dispatched investigator Xue Renshi to take a closer look.
  • Stories from History: Zhuge Liang's Two Family Letters

    Zhuge Liang was a Langya native living during the Three Kingdoms era. He was a renowned statesman and strategist. His highest position was prime minister. He wrote this “Letter to son” to his son Zhuge Qiao.
  • Stories from History: Doing Good Deeds Earns a Deity's Respect

    Mr. Zhang Quaiya was a Chengdu City official. One night he dreamt that he was invited by a deity to visit. While they were talking, someone delivered a message: “Mr. Huang Jianji from the West Gate has arrived.” Then a person wearing Taoist clothes entered the room. The deity immediately greeted him with great respect.
  • Stories from History: Corrupt and Sinful Official Punished by Heaven

    Jiao Junming was smart and capable and became a government official when he was very young. However, he did not receive any promotions for a long period of time after he was given his position. He often complained about his tough career and thought that heaven was unfair because he felt he was not being properly compensated for his efforts.
  • Stories from History: Those who Disrespect and Defame Righteous Beliefs Meet with Retribution

    There are numerous stories in history that serve to teach the lesson that those who disrespect righteous beliefs are met with retribution. A lay Buddhist named Zhou Siren (also known as Zhou Anshi) from the Qing Dynasty wrote a wonderful book titled “Anshi’s Collection” to elaborate on this principle. Here we share a few examples from this book that pertain to emperors and their courtiers from various dynasties in ancient China.
  • Two Stories from the Qing Dynasty about Being Accountable for One's Actions

    The official sighed, "It is precisely because you are a teacher but have never bothered to teach the children morality. In hell, it is believed that if you get paid and do not do your job, it is the same as burglary or wasting food. Your prosperity must be removed to compensate for the pay that you don't deserve. That is why your prosperity will run out before your life does.
  • Poem : From the storm's confusion

    From the storm's confusionmany a world's delusioncomes a light to colour all.Clouded skies soon clearingnew horizons appearingthe light of the "Great Buddha Law".
  • Two Woodcutters

    The young woodcutter was only paying attention to the results but ignoring the axe-sharpening factor of the process. That is why he only got half the results with double the effort. However, the old woodcutter enriched his own self, which is the key for success!
  • Understandings on Cultivation: A Pyramid Inside the Heart

    When experiencing tribulations, such as threatening or humiliating situations, this golden pyramid always shines with a light of compassion. This strengthens my determination in following the truth and makes me more diligent. I know that no test can change my determination as a Dafa practitioner.
  • Poem : The Party is Over

    Clouded eyes, tainted hearts poison unleashed upon many a soul with no rule of law until your rule no more a brute relentless and forever cold.
  • Poem: This Hour

    THIS HOUR Waiting for this momenthere at the turn of tidesthrough countless lifetimesnow standing at the thresholdhorizons far and wide.
  • Song of Freedom

    The call of freedomlet them hear the callacross every horizondon’t look awaydon’t turn awayhearts awakened as one.