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  • One Million Hearts

    One million heartsstretching across endless spaceas above, so below and far beyondlife after lifetime without a trace.
  • Hallowed Ground

    HALLOWED GROUND Hollowed groundand blackened skiesthese seasons of discontentsilence pervading
  • Worlds in Waiting

    Worlds in waitingeyes watching everywherefrom oceans deepestto horizons farthestand nothing to compare.
  • Gao-yao's Idea of Nine Virtues

    Gao-yao's idea of nine virtues includes the following character traits: broadminded and prudent; mild-tempered and has own opinion; modest and serious; capable and cautious; good at listening to others' opinions and decisive; upright and gentle; direct and detail-oriented; conscientious and down-to-earth; strong and righteous.
  • Abide by Tao, Promote Kindness, Use Virtue to Administer the Country Well

    Wen and Jing were emperors during the Han Dynasty. Their administrations promoted kindness, and they governed the country with virtue. This government kept a peaceful and orderly world. This society was prosperous, and its citizens lived happy and peaceful lives.
  • The History of Chinese Herbs and Falun Dafa

    Chinese herbs originated from Shen Nong who was known as the “Buddha of Medicine” in Chinese history. In ancient times in China, people did not know how to treat their illnesses when they were sick. Shen Nong used a divine stick to turn hundreds of blades of grass into different herbs. He taught people how to use the herbs and classified them by their tastes and characteristics.
  • The Relationship Between Kindness and the Chinese Fan

    People have long carried them around and it has become a type of culture. “Kindness” is the true nature of human beings. It is an element of our soul at a deep level and also an element of each cell at a microscopic level. Because of the pollution from our modern society, these elements of our true nature have been buried.
  • How Far Away are Those Myths From Us?

    The reason why I use myths as examples is just to remind people that many myths throughout the ages and from many regions deliver a similar message—that is, a warning from the gods to human beings. I hope everyone can understand that myths are not far away from us, but, in fact, right beside us.
  • Tales from the Practice of Medicine: Ganlan Water – Water Raised up a Thousand Times

    From this case, we can see that Ganlan water was not the key to curing the old man’s illness, neither was the oxygen in the water. It was because of the son’s filial piety. The ancients thought highly of filial piety. They regarded it as a virtue that human beings should have. A sincere and kind heart really can change one’s environment.
  • An Emperor Who Paid Great Respect to Heaven and Worked Tirelessly for His People

    The culture and spirit passed down by Yu are extremely rich. They contain popular ideas about respecting God, supporting people, and teaching people. They also contain political ideals, such as using righteous virtues and honesty and valuing traditional moral principles such as "nature and man in one harmony" and "think about morals when seeing money or benefits" and "be selfless and think for the big group." All these ideas have had a huge impact on the development of Chinese civilization.
  • Germany: Awaiting the Divine Performing Arts World Tour!

    The Divine Performing Arts company 2009 World Tour hopes to surpass its 2008 achievements.The tour celebrates the mysterious splendour of classical Chinese dance and music inspired by the legends, the values and the spirit of traditional Chinese culture. The amazing performances spans the time from 5,000 years ago up to today and ranges from the beauty of nature to the rendition of societal grievances. The show encompasses themes such as virtue, compassion and boldness of heart from China's god-inspired culture.
  • The Wisdom of Teacher Kuang

    Jinping became angry. Back in the palace, he asked his servants to place thorny plants on the stairs. Then, Kuang walked upstairs without shoes. After stepping on the thorns, Kuang said, "When a person lowers himself to the level of a slave, his days are numbered. An emperor's court is not a place where thorny plants grow. I predict Jinping is about to die."
  • POEM: Creation

    Each brushstroke,Creations MusicTrue hearts waking
  • POEM: Emerging

    Emerging new, the oldest comesDissolving Autumn's frostGentle Spring breezesSurprise all withUnexpected wonder.
  • When the Occasion Calls For Doing Good, Do Not Hesitate

    The ancient saying goes, "To do good, it is necessary to be unremitting and persistent. Big starts from small; millions accrues from one; a nine-story tall tower is built up from the ground; and journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step." When you find out about a good thing, do it right away, do it earnestly, and keep at it.