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  • Cultivating Xinxing

    I used to live on the 3rd floor. There is a sick neighbour who lived on 6th floor, and it was hard for her to climb the stairs. She would often need to rest a while in front of my door. One day, she said to me with sadness, "I wonder if there is a good person who would exchange their home with mine." I thought that as a Falun Dafa practitioner, I should help others who are in need. I replied, "I can exchange mine with you, so it will be easier for you to climb up to the 3rd floor instead of the 6th floor."
  • If Someone Gets Lost in Ordinary Society, We Must Wake Him Up

    After millions of years of reincarnation and waiting, the long-awaited Dafa and remaking of the universe is finally happening. However, many practitioners have gotten lost in ordinary people's fame, self-interest, and emotions. Teacher has pulled us out of hell and shouldered so much for us. Have we done well enough so that we are not letting him down? Are we meeting the sentient beings' expectations?
  • Study Zhuan Falun Diligently and with Commitment

    I have read Zhuan Falun many times, I am able to recite a majority of the text, and as my mouth is so used uttering the words, I am able to read through sentences very quickly, without really concentrating, which allows my thoughts to stray. By this action, I felt I was actually being disrespectful to the Fa. How can the Fa be revealed to me under such conditions?
  • A Letter and Two Thousand Yuan

    The doctor said, 'Medicine is useless--you need the operation.' I said it was too hot and I did not want it. After the weather cooled off, my family tried to force me into the hospital. I prayed to Master: 'Teacher, they are forcing me into this. What I should do?' The next day the swelling in my throat disappeared. I know Master bore the pain for me!
  • Fundamentally Eliminating Our Attachments

    I sometimes viewed some attachments as being a rope that kept me tied up or as dirty clothing that I could throw off by using just a little more effort. However, for other attachments, even though it seems that I'm always trying to get rid of them, I haven't yet succeeded. In fact, some of those attachments have even become worse. Some attachments were so deep-rooted that I always seemed to be fighting with them, but they still stuck with me. Just like the people who try to give up smoking: they constantly say they are quitting, but they still smoke every day. It's very agonizing.
  • Looking Inward and Being Considerate of Other Practitioners

    After I got home, my heart was disturbed by the mistrust Practitioner A had shown me. I was so angry that I did not want to have anything to do with her any more. But at the same time I knew that if I did that, it would be irresponsible to the Fa, to fellow practitioners, and to myself. I had encountered a similar situation before. During that period, I was controlled by my human notions and could not remove my attachment to fear while validating the Fa.
  • Studying the Fa and Letting Go of Attachments

    I thought I cooperated very well with practitioners A and B on truth clarification. But one time, for reasons unknown to me, one of them said that I had a "fear attachment," and the other said that I was usually "not friendly to talk to." I was very angry after I heard those comments. It was not a big deal for them to say that - if there was a misunderstanding, it would be okay to give some explanation because we are fellow practitioners. But I just could not take it.
  • Finding the Attachment of Selfishness

    When I looked deeper, I found that I did have attachments to self. I had not really thought in depth about this issue--the attachment to self--and did not consider myself a selfish person. However, looking at my actions over the previous few months, I would indeed consider my thinking to be selfish. For example, when I did a project, I often times looked at it as a chore rather than with the thought of saving sentient beings.
  • Results Should Not Be Used as the Criterion to Discern Right and Wrong

    During the cultivation process, when we get something, we often want to show it off, but when we lose something, we sometimes want to hide the fact and not openly discuss it. Actually, what Dafa practitioners should do is just to validate the Fa. The loss of personal interests will not affect the wonderfulness of Dafa. If we lose something but subsequently find our gaps and improve our xinxing (character), isn't that the real "gain" for us? Isn't that validating the Fa?
  • Busy Saving People in Autumn

    We face many kinds of people and many different situations while clarifying the truth. If we are able to search inward in time, we can let go of many attachments. For example, if we feel uncomfortable or get upset when we see other practitioners persuading more people to resign from the CCP (chinese communist party) than we do, we may still be attached to jealousy, competition or achievements.
  • Look Inward and Eliminate the Root of Sickness Karma

    feel that when a practitioner suffers sickness karma and passes away, the practitioner is complying with old force arrangements. We must clearly distinguish between arrangements made by Master and those made by the old forces. We must completely deny old force arrangements. If we keep studying the Fa, keep looking inward, look for and find the root problem, and give up our human mindsets, we will be able to turn the situation around completely.
  • Look Within and Walk Our Paths with Righteous Thoughts

    The superintendent asked me whom I was in contact with, where the materials came from, and if I knew someone. I told him, "Don't ask me such questions. I won't tell you anything. It's for your benefit, because I don't want to see you commit another sin and accumulate more karma." Meanwhile, I looked at him intently, sending forth righteous thoughts to disintegrate all the evil. Soon he stopped asking me questions. Later, I kept on clarifying the truth to them.
  • Experience and Insights Gained from Cultivation

    Master gave me a hint through a fellow practitioner's mouth to remind me of my attachment to doing things perfectly. I sent righteous thoughts to eliminate it. The bag on my back was gone. I felt so relieved. No matter what the attachment is, the moment one identifies it and eliminates it by sending righteous thoughts, it is disintegrated immediately. It is critical to study the Fa well in order to identify any attachments.
  • Looking Inward and Coming Out of the Tribulation

    My husband was once a Falun Gong practitioner, but is now half-hearted about cultivation. He has always been opposed to me clarifying the truth about Falun Gong. He felt that it was dangerous, and had once asked me to guarantee that I would not go out to clarify the truth. Whenever he found out that I was working on truth-clarifying materials or clarifying the truth, he shouted at me and quarrelled with me. He threw big temper tantrums and spoiled the harmony and peace of the whole family.
  • One Thought Makes All the Difference

    The bus station was very crowded, and I could be easily heard. I didn't think too much except that I wanted the driver to understand the truth and be saved. So I took out an amulet and told him, "Make sure to believe Falun Dafa is good, and memorize the words on the amulet, 'Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.' You will be protected and have a good future." The driver thanked me repeatedly and put the amulet on right away.