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  • How Dafa Saved Me

    All I heard and saw was the attacks, beatings, and fighting that was promoted by the Chinese Communist Party. I didn't know what was good and bad, let alone how to be a good person. My judgement of good and bad was reversed. Compassionate Teacher saved me.
  • Eliminating the Attachment to "Saving Face"

    For example, some practitioners don't point out problems directly, or talk in circles when discussing issues face to face, but point fingers behind others' backs. If two practitioners have a conflict, they don't take the initiative to discuss a solution. Instead, they find a third practitioner to mediate.
  • Our Basis Must Be Correct

    I asked myself why I can't step out of the circle of "selfishness." When I consider my own situation, my own difficulties, my own misery and my own pressure, am I selfish and egocentric? Are these human notions? Aren't these all transformed by human thoughts? Aren't these all false impressions?
  • My Understandings After Leaving Home

    At my current level I have the understanding that if we study the Fa with calm hearts, we will be able to eliminate our attachments during Fa study and reach certain levels of consummation. Eliminating our attachments leaves no loopholes for the evil to take advantage of, thus effectively ending the persecution.
  • We Must Set Our Minds Straight

    With openness and dignity, he clarified the facts about the persecution, and how people have started to quit the evil party. The judge laughed when hearing about the party's absurd behaviour. At last, the practitioner was released unconditionally. He didn't even think of his personal safety or the pain he was suffering. All he was thinking about was saving sentient beings and validating the Fa.
  • My Experience in Guiding Young Practitioners

    We should also improve our communication with young practitioners and let them know more about the persecution. When the children and I are studying the Fa, I tell them to read the book with their heart and look up words that they aren't sure of.
  • Rising Above Perceptual Understanding to a True Understanding of Dafa

    One human thought can mean the difference between good and evil. If you study Dafa with pursuit, you will forever be limited to seeing principles on a human level, not the true manifestation of the Buddha Fa at different levels.
  • Do the Three Things with a Pure Heart

    When I got my lunch, at times I asked for more. It's not possible to return leftovers, and it's a pity to throw them away, so I took them home and thought, "Great, now, I also have dinner. I'll ask for more tomorrow." Immediately, Teacher's words about "loss and gain" came to my mind. I felt so ashamed that I still held such bad thoughts.
  • The Young Dafa Practitioner in My Home

    I think as adult practitioners, we must do the three things well and cultivate ourselves well. This is the key to leading young practitioners well. We should not look down on young practitioners. Their minds are less distracted and very pure. They sometimes love to play, and we should also look at this with compassion.
  • Why Do I Always Focus on Others' Faults?

    During the Fa-rectification everything is being created anew. While we are still in the cultivation process we should compare our thinking with the Fa's requirements and deeply investigate our thoughts. We should ask ourselves if our thinking really is the kind of pure, upright thinking that is in line with the Fa.
  • Finally Learning to Search Inward

    To think that I have only just learned to search inward after many years of cultivation makes me feel ashamed because Teacher had cared for me all these years. It is now the final stage of the Fa-rectification period. Today's Falun Gong practitioners are the guardians of the future cosmos. We ought to grasp the time to do the three things well and search inward more frequently so as to return home with Teacher.
  • Overcoming a Negative Mindset and Rescuing Fellow Practitioners with Confidence

    Without fear, I went to the residential office and local 610 Office to expose the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners and other Chinese people. I told them that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) poisoned people by using deceit and propaganda. I also talked about the CCP's trampling of spiritual belief, human rights and humanity.
  • We Must Truly Search Inward to Improve Ourselves

    Furthermore, I was also attached to my appearance. When others said that I looked younger than my age, although I didn't acknowledge it openly, I always felt good inside. What a strong attachment to vanity! A true enlightened being should not be moved. Doesn't my youthful appearance come from cultivating Dafa?
  • Fellow Practitioners, Do Not Get Lost in This Human World

    I would like to use this article to tell all young practitioners, "Catch up, have righteous thoughts like a god and walk upright during the last part of the way home. We have grown up already. We should be able to cultivate independently and should not depend on the outside environment."
  • Young Practitioners Should Avoid Video Games

    Furthermore, these evil, ugly images, full of lust, seduction, and demonic themes in video games and cartoons, are even more polluting than what occurs in ordinary society. Don't underestimate them just because they are seen in video games and cartoons. You can find everything in them, including competitiveness, jealousy, elation, lust, and many other attachments.