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  • Romania: To Get Rid of Selfishness

    I noticed that the attachment to image is strongly activated: I want to make a good impression, I want people to like me, as if my very existence would depend on what others say about me or what they think about me. Whenever I face this attachment, I understand that every time my human nature intervenes, wanting to be recognized and affirmed, but it is only about the nature of the ordinary person, who is selfish and only thinks about themselves. And in such situations, I remember that I am a practitioner, and this attachment must be eliminated once again.
  • Greece: Loss and gain

    As I moved along my cultivation path, I began to believe that behaving like this is not impossible. Now I can say with a calm heart "you can have it", without thinking about my material interests. I understood more deeply that life here is a hotel. Having a house of my own was a long-term goal, a deep desire of mine and an attachment that made me unhappy many times in my life. The idea that I should possess a house now seems funny to me, my real home is in heaven, I will take nothing with me but gong.
  • France: Sustained Miracles: The Chinese Epoch Times in France Flourishing under Master's Guidance

    The process of advertising sales and interacting with clients is a journey of self-learning and cultivation. From the beginning of my sales work, I attended various sales trainings provided by the Epoch Times sales department. Additionally, I self-studied Western sales techniques. However, theoretical knowledge and practical experience often diverge, especially with the impact of digital marketing in this era, making print media advertising increasingly challenging.
  • Belgim: How Did I Persist in Sharing and Communicating Over the Long-term?

    Maybe because I have the desire to share, Master is helping me, and divine beings are helping me. Therefore, there is always content for me to share with others. Now, what I want to share every week are more than two contents, and sometimes there are three or four, or even too many to share, so I have to choose the most suitable ones for certain groups. Each sharing and exchange experience is a self-reflection and self-improvement on my cultivation journey. I have gained many valuable insights along the way, and all the credit goes to Master!
  • UK: Reflecting on My Recent Experiences

    Those two new people are on the process of understanding the Fa. They both got “Falun Gong” book, but not “Zhuan Falun”.  However, they come to Fa Study to read “Zhuan Falun” in my house. The Roman Catholic lady is very diligent. She comes to Fa Study without fail and remembers exactly which page we finish on each session. She is very keen on making Origami Lotus flowers with “Truth” “Compassion” “Tolerance” on the back of the leaf.  She is eager to inform people about Falun Dafa, and to raise awareness on persecution in China.
  • UK: My Cultivation Experience

    My family relationships had always been quite fraught with tensions, in particular with two persons: my mother and one of my sisters. Nothing I did ever seemed to satisfy them and I permanently felt crushed. After a few years of reading the Fa, I thought they must be beings from those high dimensions who will not consider being saved by you unless you reached their level. I had no idea what their dimension’s standards were, only that their demands in this human world were mostly unachievable and unreasonable.
  • Latvia: Clarifying the Truth with a sincere heart

    For me, this was a very special experience that confirmed the power of Dafa, righteous thoughts and cultivation. That everything truly depends on our hearts and that no situation is by chance. We are here for the sake of sentient beings, and that truth events are not only formal places to go distribute some flyers, or to give up when we meet difficult people. It is a place where we need to affirm our righteous thoughts, compassion and truly help save sentient beings. 
  • Latvia: Way up

    I undertook to manage the work of a group of translators, and I encountered a problem I have known for a long time - it is easy when someone gives you a task and then it has to be done as best as possible. But what about when you have to manage the process yourself? It is not so convenient anymore, it is a big responsibility and requires urgent, continuous attention. Then you have to completely give up your desires and rearrange everything, thinking of others.
  • Italy: My Cultivation Experiences of the Last Few Years

    Now, I try to look first in my heart - what is the motivation that moves me to do something and I have seen that if there is no attachment behind it to do "just the way I want" or "to show off". In short, if there is no ego in action, then the heart is free and the action becomes simple and also effective.
  • Belgium: Some insights from my cultivation

    In my cultivation, I sometimes find myself trying to find a way or technique of how to improve better. When I encounter tribulations that reflect my attachments, I sometimes think of excuses, trying to justify myself. Instead of taking responsibility and eliminating that attachment. But there are no shortcuts in cultivation. I should focus on cultivating my mind and heart.
  • Bulgaria: To get rid of the attachment to competition

    Why would I choose the second path - to lie? I have seen two main reasons to do that. One is that it is faster. To truly increase my value, I have to put in some effort and it will take time to manifest. While if I lie, my value is instantly greater. The second reason is the effort itself. To truly increase my value I have to put in effort, to improve my xinxing, to eliminate attachments and sometimes this is accompanied by hardship, pain and sacrifice.
  • Latvia: Experience from a young practitioner - journey of letting go of attachments

    It has been a year since I started practicing Falun Dafa with all my heart and it has been a year full of new understandings almost every day. During this year I have fallen down and gotten back up only to realize how hard and, at the same time, easy it is to cultivate myself. Human notions and emotions have been and still are the biggest obstacles in my cultivation that I want to share here today. 
  • UK: Cherish the cultivation path arranged by master

    After letting go of these notions, I am in another state. I am very energetic and my body is very light. If I think I am tired, I can meditate and recover immediately. This time for this task passed quickly. When fellow practitioners asked me what I felt the most this time, I said, there are people beyond people, and there is a sky beyond the sky (meaning there are higher levels of people above me). At the end, I knew that my xinxing had improved again, and I no longer dared to be arrogant, and gradually understood the importance of unconditionally cooperating with fellow practitioners.
  • Austria: Nothing is Truly Unbearable or Impossible

    I arrived in Bydgoszcz in the night and again had very little time to rest. I was totally exhausted. But when I came to the theatre the next morning and greeted the practitioners, I was overjoyed and infinitely grateful. I was close to tears and thanked Master. The performances in Bydgoszcz were a complete success and the cooperation among practitioners was very good. I felt that we were fulfilling our mission. It was great. 
  • Austria: Everything has already been arranged

    When Shen Yun came back to Graz in 2022, I took heart and recommended Shen Yun to his family, as they lived there. To my astonishment he said, "Oh yes, that's a good idea. That was such a beautiful performance!" I was blindsided and realized that what he had told me in the interval was not him, but it was a test for me. I had passed it.