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  • A Teacher in Taiwan: My Life Has Been Prolonged Thanks to Falun Gong

    The doctor told me that this was a rare disease, that there was no medicine that would help, and that the heart would slowly fail. According to former cases, a patient with this illness would live for only one year unless he/she underwent an operation, but the risk of surgery was high and the side effects after the surgery would last for the remainder of one's life. One would then have lifelong illnesses, and would have to follow many strict guidelines.
  • Practising Falun Gong Leads to Leukemia Patient's Recovery

    All she could do was to open her eyes to look at the visitors and move her lips a little to greet them; she could not even speak. Looking at my daughter, her husband and their teenage child, I felt an extreme pain in my heart. Everyone cried. After we left her room, the relatives discussed preparing for her funeral. Wang Ping's aunt and cousin are both Falun Gong practitioners. They went up to her bed and said, "Ping, please consider practicing Falun Gong! Give it try!"
  • Organ Harvesting An "Open Secret" in Wuhan City

    Once, a drug addict who was assigned to monitor me threatened me viciously, "You will be sent to Xinjiang if you still do not give up practising." I felt strange because I was already a prisoner in a Labour Camp. What is the purpose sending me to Xinjiang? What made the difference between being persecuted at Shanghai Labour Camp and being sent to Xinjiang?
  • I Once Witnessed Organ Harvesting from a Living Person

    Although separated by a layer of sanitary cloth, I could feel that it was still warm. When the operator removed his inner organs, I saw one of his inner leg muscles suddenly twitch. It looked like he was still alive and only under deep anaesthesia. After the operator finished taking all the needed internal organs, he skillfully sowed up the incisions and left in a hurry. A uniformed policeman then scooped some blood from the bed and poured it over the prisoner's face and head while saying, "We need to make it look like it really happened (resembling an execution site)."
  • Investigation Lead: In 2000, Suspicious Physical Exam Conducted on Falun Dafa Practitioners at the Wuhan City Drug Rehabilitation Centre

    Leads were collected from people in society, as the example below describes. We hope kind people with information can continue to help us expose the brutalities against Falun Gong practitioners taking place in labour camps, prisons and hospitals, which are colluding with each other in various parts of China, so we can together end this persecution.
  • Military Caves in Liaoning Province, China May be Secret Concentration Camps

    We old veteran soldiers did not say a word about these things until now. Currently, the Chinese Communist Party is ruthlessly utilising every means at its disposal to persecute Chinese people. I would like to disclose the information about these secret military bases to help the investigation into the concentration camps. It is my hope that those good people on the verge of death can be rescued.
  • Falun Gong Saved My Husband from Terminal Stage Lung Cancer

    After he returned home, his sisters travelled a long distance to see him. My husband was laying still and looked like a sack of bones. He hardly had the strength to talk. He had a sickly yellow complexion. His shrivelled body was lying on the floor. It was a miserable sight. They were very saddened to see him like this. Indeed, he had just reached 51 at the time.
  • Chinese Communist Party Orders Destruction of Classified Documents

    Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials have become extremely frightened in the wake of the exposure of their organ harvesting crimes. They are now trying to destroy evidence and cover up their crimes. On March 25th, 2006, the Heilongjiang Province CCP Office issued an announcement (number [2006]12) ordering all relevant departments to destroy classified documents.
  • A Family In China Safeguards the Words, "Falun Dafa is Good"

    More and more sentient beings have awoken, as Falun Dafa practitioners are growing more and more mature regarding their efforts to expose the persecution. Recently, a family in China safeguarded the characters of "Falun Dafa is Good" which they came across while repairing their house.
  • Righteous Thoughts Are the Key to Overcoming Tribulations

    I thought in my heart, "I have experienced 10 years of all kinds of hardships since 1996, when I first started to cultivate. What I am experiencing is definitely not illness. But why am I experiencing such a severe state? There must be loopholes and gaps in my cultivation for the old forces to take advantage of. Where are those gaps?" Following Teacher's teaching, I looked inside myself, tracked the gaps down by following clues, and dug deep for each one.
  • My Most Joyful and Happy Hours

    When I was standing in line to buy a train ticket, many bad thoughts boiled up in my mind, but when I truly thought it over I was ready to let go of everything, even being expelled. I suddenly felt that my body had become gigantic in a moment and all the troubles that had bothered me a moment before turned into nothing,
  • Turkey: A Nine Day Falun Gong Introductory Class Held in Ankara

    From May 8th to May 17th, 2006, new and veteran Falun Gong practitioners in Ankara organised another nine day Falun Gong introductory class. Every day, practitioners studied one chapter of Zhuan Falun, the main text of Falun Gong, and practised the first four sets of Falun Gong exercises together. They also shared their cultivation experiences.
  • Mental Torture and Murder in the Chinese Communist Party's Persecution of Falun Gong - Part 4

    When the Chinese Communist Party is unable to "reform" Falun Gong practitioners using psychological persecution and torture, they inject them with various drugs to attack their nervous systems. Practitioners often lose coherence or become comatosed as a result. Drugging is among the most evil methods used in the persecution of Falun Gong.
  • New Practitioner: Falun Dafa Gave Me a Second Life

    One year ago I was living in agony from severe illnesses. Although I was in my 30s, I was desperate because medical treatments could not help me. With no other choice I started practising Falun Gong. My life has never been the same since.
  • Do Not Be Attached Under Any Circumstances

    I told my daughter again not to be attached to the problem. Teacher explicitly said, "With no attachment to anything, the path underfoot is naturally clear" (provisional translation subject to further improvement.) The change in the direction of the tool bar was not a big issue. We could find someone to fix it. "Even if the sky collapses, we should not be attached." When I said this sentence, I suddenly became awakened.