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  • I Worked Through Domestic Tribulations by Looking Inward

    I finally compromised, and later I regretted my decision and realized that I had fallen down during this test. Just as Teacher said, "If you can't pass the first test, then the second one is going to be really tough." (Zhuan Falun). After that, he monitored me more closely and prohibited me from studying the Fa or contacting fellow practitioners. I was depressed for a long time. I thought that I was not qualified to be Teacher's disciple and that I had failed to live up to Teacher's compassion.
  • Reaching Maturity in Cultivation

    One time I approached one of the people following me and asked why I was being followed. The person fled without saying a word. After that, I started to tell my fellow classmates about the government surveillance. Also, the officials sometimes followed me while I was with my classmates. This really showed my classmates that the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) persecution of Falun Gong practitioners was real and tangible.
  • Working Together to Expose the People Responsible for the the Persecution to Local Residents

    Several days later, we received feedback that many updated posters had been posted. An evildoer from the local police station complained to government officials, "I told you I did not want to go to that practitioners' home [and extort money], but you insisted on me going there. Now even my home phone number is exposed, what can I do?"
  • Always Look Inward

    As we improve ourselves level by level, the standards we must meet also increase. So, I think no matter how long we cultivate, only by unconditionally looking inward will we upgrade ourselves. Treating the people around us well is a natural state resulting from cultivation. When we rid ourselves of attachments, people we interact with will naturally feel the beauty of Dafa and we will naturally fulfil our roles in validating the Fa.
  • A New Practitioner in China: My Gratitude to Master

    The police arrested my husband after July 20, 1999. During my efforts to get him released from jail, I strongly felt society's dark side and the evil nature of the Communist Party.
  • The Essence of Elevation in Cultivation Is Looking Inward

    I dug deeper, and thought about when this person created the huge tribulation, how much de (virtue) he had lost, how much karma he created, and what would be there waiting for him, how pitiful! He helped me understand the Fa, and elevate through tribulation, so I should thank him and have mercy on him. My resentment was finally replaced with compassion. I truly felt elevated.
  • Some Thoughts about Memorizing the Fa

    . I have discovered that during the process of memorizing the Fa, I can overcome these issues. If I still focus on the quantity of what I read as I did before, and if I am unable to calm down during the memorization process, I will not be able to make any progress. If I do not regard Fa memorization with great seriousness, memorizing just one paragraph will take me several hours, not to mention revelations and comprehension of the profound Fa principles.
  • Falun Dafa Turned My Life Around

    Sometimes, when I am a little slack in my cultivation, I look out at the city and think to myself: why, among so many hundreds of thousands of people, am I one of the relatively few people who obtained the Fa here? Isn't there someone else out there who could do a better job than me to validate the Fa? I look at my own history in this life, and it's hard to fathom that a person who made as many mistakes as me could be fortunate enough to obtain Dafa.
  • How I became a better person

    I am learning to live the life of cultivation - it is the greatest adventure that is available to anyone. I am learning to let things happen naturally, so there is a greater ease in our family now. I have become more tolerant of other people's ways. I let people do what they want without insisting on my best way for them. For me that is a big change! I no longer think I know what is the best way for other people to live their lives. I let them work it out for themselves.
  • Suggestions for Memorizing and Reciting the Fa

    My experience proved that memorizing the Fa can indeed solve the problem of not being able to concentrate when studying the Fa. I hope my experience can help fellow practitioners who have this problem. Memorizing and reciting the Fa is absolutely doable and absolutely good. I've been doing it for over four years and I highly encourage it.
  • My Fundamental Attachment

    Yesterday I ran into a conflict with a family member. I wanted to pass the test so I was tolerant and did no argue. At the same time, I looked inward to find my human notions and attachments. I quickly discovered that I didn't have enough compassion towards my family members. I didn't regard them as non-practitioners who need to be saved; instead, I eagerly tried to change their behaviour with my human sentiment.
  • Validating the Fa with a Pure Heart

    . Once I spent six money bills that had phrases clarifying the facts written on them. The shop owner said, "You are a Falun Gong practitioner." I said with a smile, "It will guarantee you a safe future if you quit the CCP. Have you ever renounced it? It will take effect if you write your alias on the back of the bill." He asked me, "Do you have more bills like this? I'll exchange with you." I told him that was great.
  • Cultivation Selling Tickets for the Divine Performing Arts Show

    When others sold tickets, I was as happy as if I had sold the tickets. I abandoned a cultivators’ most dreadful attachment: jealousy. Dafa practitioners are one body. Every practitioner has his own weak points as well as strong points. When we cooperate well, we can learn from others’ strong points and overcome our own weak points. We can overcome all of our obstacles. Nothing is by accident.
  • Two Stories of Cancer Cured Through Practicing Falun Gong

    More than two months passed. On the 18th of June (lunar calendar), I felt the pain disappear. I was surprised but I also knew that Master was starting to take care of me because I read the book. This is the manifestation of a miracle and the extraordinariness of Falun Gong. After the pain subsided, I was able to eat more. Eventually I completely recovered. Since then, I truly believed in Falun Dafa.
  • Thoughts On Our State of Mind

    It was our hearts that were causing the persecutor to become more and more evil. All of the practitioners involved in the effort to rescue their fellow practitioners felt that this official was beyond salvation and they were full of hatred towards him. However, fighting evil with evil is wrong, and will be made use of by evil in other dimensions. Persecution will also be heightened in proportion to this attachment, resulting in further complication of the situation.