• Ireland: Chinese are greatful for the truth about Falun Gong and the persecution

    Ms. Chen, another Chinese, said that she learned from an online video that the CCP’s propaganda about Falun Dafa is all fake. She said that she believes in God and is a Christian, “But the CCP does not allow any beliefs.
  • Spain: Visitors Resonate with Falun Dafa’s Principles at BioCultura Madrid 2022

    Ms. Cristina Vilches, an artist, said, “This is the second time I’ve met Falun Dafa practitioners. I feel a great and pure energy here. It is very strong.” Tears welled up in her eyes and she added, “I must follow the inner voice in my heart and learn Falun Dafa.”
  • Norway: Learning About Falun Gong in a Small Town

    The organizer thanked the Falun Gong practitioners for adding peaceful energy to the exhibition. She admired that the practitioners could practice in such a noisy environment without being disturbed, and said she wished that she could also have that much concentration. She wanted to learn more about Falun Gong.
  • My few realizations from cultivation practice

    Dafa disciples, whilst in the human world should complete the sacred mission of assisting Master rectify the Fa. Of course, we practice cultivation amongst people, and of course we will have human attachments, human sentimentality, but these things shouldn’t become elements that impede a cultivator from completing his or her mission.
  • Having faith in Master and the Fa and looking within. Dafa shows its divine might

    At that time, I felt that the driver must have been controlled by God(s), otherwise how would he know that I wanted to get on the bus, and moreover stop at the crossroads to let on me on the bus? It really was unbelievable, but this really happened. In this way I managed to hurry back to the town hall in just 3 minutes.
  • My experiences from cultivation practice whilst promoting Shen Yun

    Whilst promoting Shen Yun, sometimes I would sometimes treat it as a task to do and treat getting tickets sold as a success. I had to remind myself at all times that the real purpose of this was to save people, so the process was very important, and it required me to incessantly help people get rid of interference.
  • Looking within and surpassing attachment to self

    I discovered that I was no longer afraid to communicate with customers, and my smile became more and more natural. When packing the products, I would carefully unfold the products to check, and then hand them with both hands the products that they had bought, and sincerely wished them a blessing that they could happily enjoy the Shen Yun performance.
  • Letting go of self, welcoming challenges

    I sincerely feel that Master knew that I had a wish to take part in a project of saving people. Master chose me to go forward and moreover helped me all along on this path, to break through my own attachments, enabling me to have more faith in myself, and courageously walk out.
  • My process of getting rid of attachments during cultivation practice

    In the summer of 2020, I was still a practitioner who had just started practicing, when I went to Styrso to see the “Zhen, Shan, Ren art exhibition”. I was deeply moved by these art works and their message, moreover, I began to have the wish to become part of the art exhibition team.
  • Coming to recognize and cultivate away negative thoughts and attachments to self interest

    After distinguishing these human attachments, I started to mend my ways, and I gradually thought of the relationship between loss and gain, and this attachment was gradually released. Not long afterwards I once again received a notification of a change in the decision regarding a subsidy for my activity.
  • Harmonising the one body

    During our activities, on the whole we would continue regardless of the weather, because nobody wanted to lose a single opportunity to clarify the truth and save people.
  • My cultivation path – My understandings from taking part in the Zhen Shan Ren Art Exhibition

    During my cultivation practice, looking within is a miraculous tool. I am very grateful that I have finally found the path to return home. Of course, I still have times when I don’t pass well different tests, but this sort of thing happens less and less now.
  • Miracles happen while helping with Shen Yun related tasks

    The pure goodness and beauty of works in Shen Yun creation can surely help people to return to their true nature. Watching the contents of Shen Yun Creations relieved me from the distractions of a chaotic world.It was free from the moral degradation found in modern society. It gives me a perception of harmony and consonance with the divine culture.
  • Through teaching the exercises on the internet, spreading Dafa and saving the worlds people

    Up until now, we had already taught the exercises online for a whole year. This year, close to 400 people attended our online classes, came to know what Falun Gong is, and learned how to practice the exercises.
  • Nordic practitioners clarify the truth in Gothenburg

    about hundred Falun Gong practitioners from Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark gathered in the culture center-Gotaplatsen in Gothenburg, to display to the Swedish people the beauty of Falun Dafa and celebrating 400 million Chinese people quitting the CCP and its affiliated organisations.