• Sweden: People Praise Falun Dafa During Activities in Stockholm

    A man talked to Micke, a Falun Dafa practitioner, and said he admired practitioners for resisting the persecution, “Falun Dafa practitioners’ protests are different from other groups. Your activity always looks so peaceful, calm, and beautiful.”  
  • Spain: People in Cartagena Support Falun Dafa

    Ángel is a photography student. When he heard about the CCP’s forced organ harvesting from living practitioners, he was stunned. “Wars are often talked about in the news now, but the heinous persecution of Falun Gong [also called Falun Dafa] and the organ harvesting from living practitioners in China are even more serious and horrific, but they are rarely reported,” Ángel said. He hopes that his photos can enable more people to learn the truth, condemn the CCP’s evil deeds, and do their part to help stop the persecution.
  • Paris, France: Information Booth Draws Support for Falun Dafa at Exhibition of Mayors and Local Authorities

    Roselyne, a freelance writer, signed the petition and said, “I’m shocked that Chinese people are completely deprived of their human rights.” She said she watched a documentary about Falun Dafa on French Television Station of Arts. The film showed how the Chinese Communist regime created false stories to slander Falun Dafa, and how practitioners hijacked the television signal and broadcast the facts. She was shocked by the torture practitioners were subjected to in prison, where they were forced to work for more than 12 hours every day.
  • Introducing Falun Dafa During a Series of Activities in Serbia

    One of those who specifically came to learn the practice was Livia. This was her second encounter with Falun Dafa.Livia said, “Four or five years ago, I read an article in the newspaper in which different types of exercises were described, such as Tai Chi, and qigong. Falun Dafa was also mentioned. It was added in parentheses that it’s still strictly banned in China. I wondered what kind of exercises could it be? They must be powerful if China is fighting against it. The words in those parenthesis motivated me to research and learn more. “
  • Promoting Falun Dafa at the 2023 Madrid BioCultura Health Expo

    Mr. Pedro, 63, said after learning the exercises that an energy field drew him to the Falun Dafa booth. He said, “These exercises increase one’s inner energy and nourish and balance the body, so that other things are not needed to keep the body healthy. Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance are the only principles that need to be followed to survive in this competitive and cruel world.”
  • Germany: 2023 Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference Held

    Inspired by an article on Minghui and while looking inward, Ms. Zheng discovered her fundamental attachment was that she felt that the teachings of Dafa aligned with the human values she was taught. “All along, I did not discover this fundamental attachment, so, of course I could not get rid of it.” “When I examined my thoughts, I found that I used the ways of conducting oneself as a standard to judge many people and things. I thought I was right to be angry with employees who did not do things the right way or were not hardworking. That’s because in my mind, I thought my values of conducting myself in human society were correct.” When she put her mind to eliminating this attachment, she felt Master helped her. “I clearly felt Master remove a huge material substance. The displeasure and resentment I had towards other practitioners became weak as if they were just a tiny black substance on the surface. They no longer control my emotions.”
  • Sweden: Raising Awareness about Falun Dafa During Autumn Events in Stockholm

    After Niko from Finland signed the petition to help end the persecution he said, “I give you my full support. I know Falun Dafa is very good. I also know that the CCP not only persecutes Falun Dafa, it also persecutes the Uyghurs, Tibetans and Hong Kongers. The CCP is the root of all evil.” Niko said as long as the CCP exists, people will be sacrificed. “The CCP is an evil demon.”
  • Romania: Visitors Learn About Falun Dafa at Health Fair

    Alexandra, a student in Constanța, listened carefully to a practitioner’s explanation of the moral teachings of Falun Dafa. She said she admired Falun Dafa’s principles, “It is good for people to respect the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, because they will be able to create a better world,” she said.When she learned of the plight of practitioners in China, she expressed her sympathy for them because she knew from Romanian history just how brutal communism is. “In communism, people are deceived by their leaders,” she said.
  • Romanians in Pitești Condemn the Persecution of Falun Dafa

    An 85-year-old retired public schoolteacher and his wife stopped by the booth. After reading the information on the posters about Falun Dafa, he said these were great values to teach children and he planned to tell his own children about them. “It’s good for everyone what you do. Falun Dafa is clearly good,” he said. He and his wife took flyers and other informational materials with them.
  • Belgium: Peaceful Protest in Front of Chinese Embassy

    Camilla is a student at the European School in Brussels. When she heard about the CCP’s organ harvesting from Falun Dafa practitioners, she said she was, “Really shocked.” She said that while there was no such problem in Belgium, “Hearing about such a problem in another country makes one think that the world is still bad and there are still big, unknown problems around us. It’s scary.”
  • Croatia: Introducing Falun Dafa in the Capital City

    Two older men strolling on the square stopped in front of the booth.They listened carefully and one said, “We all need more tolerance and kindness, and Eastern cultures have these virtues.” They also said that unfortunately, the world today has gone crazy and people just want to start wars. The practitioner showed them the local Falun Dafa website, which has more information. One of the men said, “You have the courage to stand up and tell people this. We only hear ugly things on TV.”
  • Netherlands: Practitioners Hold Events to Expose the Persecution of Falun Dafa

    Mr. Mishra said that he would share the information he learned from practitioners with his friends and family. Before leaving, he once again strongly condemned the CCP’s practice of organ harvesting from living practitioners, “Anyone involved in such activities, even if they played a small part, should no longer call themselves human beings.”
  • Greece: Parades in Athens Focus Attention on the Persecution in China

    Christos and his wife listened to the Tian Guo Marching Band perform. His wife had her photo taken in front of the banner that said, “Falun Dafa Is Good.” She said she respected practitioners for their courage and perseverance. Even though they faced ruthless persecution, they remained positive and brought inspiring music to communities. She asked for the contact information for the nearest practice site and said she planned to learn the exercises.
  • Munich, Germany: Introducing Falun Dafa During Oktoberfest

    Physiotherapist Stefan said that he’s often seen practitioners’ activities. That day, he accompanied his friends to Oktoberfest and passed by Marienplatz. When he saw Falun Dafa practitioners collecting signatures, he went to the booth.“Stealing human organs is really outrageous. The German government has done too little about this, so I signed the petition. I hope it can help,” he said. He said that practitioners’ activities were positive. On the one hand, the organ harvesting from living practitioners is sad. On the other hand, the scenes of practitioners practicing the exercises are calm and pleasing. The contrast between the two is great. He said, “[Falun Dafa] makes people calm, and the music also makes people feel peaceful. They are like Bodhisattvas, which makes me feel great.”
  • Ukraine: Peaceful Falun Dafa Exercises Resonate with the Public

    One couple walked past practitioners twice during the event in Khmelnytsky. The second time, the woman asked a practitioner about Falun Dafa. She expressed her admiration for the practitioners’ perseverance in distributing materials for such a long time. She listened to what the practitioner had to say and said she supported Falun Dafa and its values of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance.