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  • UNHRC: The Draft Resolution Proposed by the United States

    On April the 2nd 2004, during the U.N. Human Rights Commission in Geneva, the U.S. Mission to the United Nations held a consultation to discuss the draft resolution on China’s human rights abuses, which the U.S. government planned to introduce to the U.N. Human Rights Conference. More than one hundred representatives from various governments’ and non-governmental organisations' missions to the United Nations participated in this consultation.
  • Two French MPs Express Concern about the French Police’s Misconduct Towards Falun Gong Practitioners

    In March 2004, French MPs Christina Jeanjean and Roger Karoutchi sent letters to Falun Gong practitioners expressing concern about the French police’s misconduct towards Falun Gong practitioners at the time of Hu Jintao’s visit during the Chinese New Year, and asking the French government for a strict investigation. Roger Karoutchi said in his letter, “The issue you stated is extremely serious, so I will definitely ask the French government to allow the facts to be openly discussed.”
  • MEP Liz Lynne writes to European Friends of Falun Gong about the “worrying, and deplorable” Events in Paris

    "The Liberal Democrat party recognise the on-going struggles of the Falun Gong practitioners, and have written to the UK government on their behalf in the past. I have also contacted the French authorities personally, and requested of the Directorate General of the National Police that an investigation into this matter be conducted and that steps be taken to ensure such a situation will not arise in the future."
  • Radio Free Asia: Germany will Support US Resolution Condemning China’s Human Rights

    On March 22nd, the US government put forward a resolution condemning China’s human rights. In response, the Chinese government not only put forward a White Paper to defend its position, but also tried to persuade some member African nations to shun the resolution. To gauge the reaction of the German society and government, RFA’s correspondent interviewed a Law scholar from the University of China, Ms Zheng Zhihong, now living in Berlin, on the evening of Tuesday 30th.
  • Spain: The Ambassador to Chile Replied to a Letter from Falun Gong Practitioners

    'You mentioned in your letter that China (Jiang’s regime) persecuted the human rights of the Falun Gong group who persevere in practicing a traditional Chinese meditation practice. For this reason, I have passed all this information to the foreign department of my country. Regarding this issue, my country will carry on investigating and will reply and provide help accordingly.'
  • Announcement by China Mental Health Watch: Investigating Mental Torture and Misuse of Mental Institutions in the Persecution of Falun Gong Practitioners in China

    Ever since the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners began on July 20, 1999, the media and human rights organisations around the world continuously reported on the Chinese Government's cruelty towards Falun Gong practitioners, including psychiatric abuse. According to incomplete data, about 1,000 healthy Falun Gong practitioners were forcibly sent to mental institutions, and many were forcibly injected with psychotropic drugs. They received forced electro-shock and some were tied up and force-fed for long periods of time. At least 10 practitioners died from this type of maltreatment. Many of these practitioners were held in hospitals for as long as two and a half years. At least ninety mental institutions in China participated in this particular part of the persecution.
  • Speech from the International Conference on "Genocide in the New Era" by the Global Mission to Rescue Persecuted Falun Gong Practitioners

    "The core mission of GMR is to “Call for conscience, moral courage and actions for justice”. In particular, we are committed to raising the awareness of the genocide, genocide of conscience and brutal persecution against Falun Gong practitioners in China; and we strive to rescue all the Falun Gong practitioners that are persecuted and tortured in jails, labour camps, mental hospitals, and detention centres. Last but not least, we will initiate, coordinate, and support any efforts of the international community that help to end the persecution and bring the persecutors to justice internationally and in China."
  • UK MPs and Lords Raise Their Concerns About China’s Human Rights Record

    In the last two months, several Lords and MPs have raised questions in the UK parliament about China’s worsening human rights record. For example, the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Mr. Bill Rammell, said, “…we urge that the rights of Falun Gong adherents be respected.”
  • The World Psychiatric Association Will Investigate Psychiatric Abuse against Falun Gong Practitioners in China

    According to the message sent out through an NGO established last year in New York, China Psychiatric Watch, that Further to last month message, a plan for WPA and SP joint meeting (visit) in Beijing on April the 4th 2004 was accepted by the Chinese Minister of Health and the CSP for examining the records, interviewing patients and their families or doctors who were involved in the examination of those patients after obtaining their consent and access to what is required for those cases that allegedly were subjected to psychiatric abuse.
  • Speech from the International Conference on "Genocide in the New Era" by Peter Müller from the International Human Rights Federation

    "We normally think of terrorists as a group of individuals who use violent methods to terrorize a state into submitting to their demands. State terrorism is when a whole nation’s resources are harnessed to terrorize its individuals into submitting to the will of the ruling party or leader. This is standard dictatorial and especially Communist practice, not only in China. The description fits exceptionally well the brutal persecution which the former Chinese President Jiang Zemin unleashed against Falun Gong practitioners in China."
  • Before the Meeting of UN Human Rights Commission, International Human Rights Organisations Held a Human Rights Dinner and Dance

    Through beautiful music and dance, the human rights evening hoped to remind people of the continuous violations of human rights in other parts of the world. Taking place before the meeting of the UN Human Rights Commission, the human rights evening appeared more meaningful.
  • French MP Suggests an Investigation of the Paris Incident

    The Celebration of the Chinese New Year in Paris this February was marked by the harassment of Falun Gong practitioners by the French police, who were under pressure from the Chinese government. A French Falun Gong practitioner wrote a letter to his MP. The MP Mr. Alain Marleix replied and suggested that the incident be investigated. Mr. Marleix immediately forwarded the practitioner’s letter to the president of UMP, his political party, and suggested an investigation of this incident. He also expressed his concern to the relevant departments.
  • Swiss Members of Parliament sent Speeches to the Falun Gong Anti-Persecution Press Conference in Geneva

    On March the 15th, Mr. Ueli Leuenberger, member of the Swiss Federal Parliament, and Ms. Maria Roth-Bernasconi, councillor of Geneva State, sent speeches to the anti-persecution press conference held by Falun Gong practitioners at the Places Des Nations. In Mr. Leuenberger’s letter, he indicated his support for practitioners’ efforts to promote the value of human rights in China.
  • Message from German Lawyer at a Rally in Karlsruhe City Centre

    On Saturday March the 6th, more than 50 Falun Gong practitioners from Karlsruhe and the surrounding cities held a rally in the Market Square in Karlsruhe city. They let people know about progress in the criminal indictment filed in the German Federal Procuratorate in Karlsruhe against the former Chinese President Jiang and his accomplices. Practitioners also collected signatures to support this lawsuit. Many NGOs gave speeches to express their support. The following is a speech made by a human rights lawyer Wolfgang Kaleck.
  • Swiss Member of Parliament's Speech from a Falun Gong Press Conference outside the Places des Nations in Geneva

    "I hereby offer my support in your fight for the respect of human rights in China. I also express my support for women and men who take action worldwide in favour of human rights. Those who practise discrimination, suppression, imprisonment, physical torture and psychological torture, those who aim at the elimination of women and men because they belong to a particular philosophical, political or religious trend, must meet with wholehearted disapproval and condemnation."