Benefits from the Practice

  • Practising Falun Dafa Has Completely Turned my Life Around

    In 1995 I had to retire early due to ill health. After years of hospital treatments there was no obvious result, so I wanted to try practising qigong to improve my physical condition. Finally, after looking everywhere, with a friend's help, I was introduced to Falun Gong and read the brief introduction. I felt only Falun Gong explained clearly the real facts about qigong and the principles of qigong practise. Moreover, it was free of charge.
  • Benefits Surround those who Hold Faith in Falun Gong

    An eighty-year-old woman in Jinan City of Shandong Province in China had a history of cervical spondylosis and and had fallen a number of times since she was 50 years old. She often was unable to take care of herself, sometimes due to bone and tendon injuries, and other times due to dizziness and vomiting. She often had to be hospitalised. Facing exorbitant medical expenses, the whole family was anxious and worried.
  • Child with Malignant Brain Tumour Miraculously Recovers

    My parents waited until I was two years old and then my mother took me to Beijing Tiantan Hospital for the first time to have the brain tumour removed. The doctor said that since I was still young, it was possible that the tumour could not be removed completely and that it could spread or regrow in the future. They said they would do what could be done to save my life and then try to maintain it with medication.
  • Confronting Serious Illness, My Life Revived After Practicing Falun Gong

    But on the surgery table the cancer was discovered to have grown on to the artery, so the surgery was discontinued since it would have been too risky. The hospital was not able to do anything to save my life, so I moved to my eldest daughter’s house in Changchun City to bide my time. Meanwhile, I was getting thinner as each day passed. Finally, I decided to return home to Yushu City to await my death.
  • The Changes in My Husband

    My husband witnessed my body being healed after practising Falun Dafa. After cultivation, the hypertension that I had for more than twenty years and other chronic aliments such as pain in my leg joints, wrist pain, kidney inflammation, chronic enteritis, chronic keratitis, palpitation of the heart, insomnia, etc, all disappeared miraculously. He felt the mighty power of Falun Dafa and slowly he too began change.
  • The Story of a Former Criminal in China

    Prison regulations only allow practitioners to have two bowls of corn meal mush per day in solitary confinement. Yet, he would put eggs and meat in the food and pass them in through a little window. Over time, he became a good friend of the practitioner. The practitioner told him many things, so the man began to realise that one could lead a life different from his own. He came to understand that by following the principles of “Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance” one could become a good person with dignity and openness no matter whether rich or poor. He yearned for a such life
  • Who Could Have Believed the Amazing Effects of Practising Falun Gong

    My life was full of tribulations. In 1996, I was diagnosed with coronary disease, and lived in fear of the future might hold. When the condition was serious, I would be highly susceptible to fainting. To try and treat my condition I frequently received injections and took all sorts of medicine. Later, I was diagnosed with uterine cancer and had an operation, while at the same time I suffered from both high blood pressure and diabetes.
  • Professor Fan No Longer Suffers from Depression

    When his illness was severe, the most difficult thing to endure was a tight feeling on the left side of his face. The tightness caused pain that spread over his entire face and eventually enveloped his whole head, causing him serious sleep loss and worsening his already low esteem. At the most critical moment, when he was preparing to resign from the university faculty and was seriously contemplating suicide, Professor Fan was fortunate to encounter Falun Dafa.
  • At the Brink of Death I Found Falun Dafa

    Later I was transferred to the No. 1 Hospital of Zhengzhou City for 16 days. Though we spent all our money, the treatments were not successful. I lost weight—from over 65 kilo (about 143 lbs) to 45 kilo (about100 lbs). The big hospitals couldn’t treat my illnesses, so I returned home on December 6th, 2005, of the lunar calendar. Each day I went to a clinic to get an intravenous injection to prolong my life that was edging ever nearer to death. On January 23rd, 2006, my family prepared for my funeral.
  • Switzerland: Two Swiss Ladies’ Love for China

    Ursula, who lives in the same village as Ingeborg, also learned Falun Gong. They started to practise together. After a short while Ursula and Ingeborg realised that their illnesses were cured. Moreover, they also obtained significant changes in their spiritual well being. Ursula realised that before her cultivation in Falun Gong she always looked at others in unfriendly manner.
  • Regaining My Life

    I'm a 21 year old woman living in a remote mountain area in Gansu Province of China. I'm a practitioner who started to practise Falun Gong in 2002. I feel that it was only since I began to practise did my life truly begin, as my first 20 years were controlled by illness. When I was only a little girl, I had already suffered from tracheitis, hepatitis and gastroenteritis. There was a problem with my eyes as well. My eyesight deteriorated and my eyes were red and swollen. Each day I had to take medicine and injections. The various illnesses made me very weak. Though my parents kept taking me to see different doctors, the doctors could not help either.
  • A Retired Farmer in China: "Now I Really Believe in the Divine"

    I am a 70 year-old farmer, and I live in Henan Province, China. In 2001 I fell very sick after suffering from a stroke and hemiparalysis. When my niece heard this, she came to see me. She urged me to learn Falun Gong, or if I read and say "Falun Dafa is good," "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good," I could also achieve a good effect. I just dismissed such ideas as make believe and carried on as usual.
  • My Stepfather's Miraculous Story

    My stepfather has practised Falun Gong for about 9 months now and the oedema caused by the low-protein syndrome has never reoccurred. Now he is in good physical condition and is able to save the large sum of money he previously had to spend on medicine. My mother said joyously, "It is Falun Dafa that has given him a new life."
  • After Four Years of Chemotherapy and Unbearable Pain, Ten Days of Practising Falun Dafa Made My Cancer Disappear

    After checking it out at a hospital, cancer cells were discovered in the lymph nodes of my pancreas, lungs, and abdominal cavity. It was late stage cancer. The doctor suggested chemotherapy. This time, there were nine treatment cycles. Nine months after the treatment, the cancer reoccurred, and I had another treatment of chemotherapy. At that time, my white blood cell and platelet count was very low, and I could no longer receive chemotherapy.
  • A 78-Year-Old Man Jumps with Joy

    The old man took out a whole pile of materials including a copy of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party , which was well read and very worn. He said, "I have been secretly rooting for Falun Gong for quite some time. I have read these materials several times. I am most sympathetic with Falun Gong. So many good people have been persecuted like this.