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  • French Congresswoman Raises Questions Regarding Organ Harvesting

    Jacqueline Fraysse, a congresswoman, councilor and heart surgeon, recently sent a letter to a French member of CIPFG. “After reading your illustration and the report made by David Matas and David Kilgour, I am convinced of the seriousness of the situation. Thus I made up my mind to request the French Foreign Minister negotiating with the Chinese government to instigate an independent investigation team be allowed into China."
  • Board of Appeals of the German Parliament Requests German Government to Battle Human Rights on Behalf of Chinese Falun Gong Practitioners

    Members of the Board of Appeals believe: "The brutal measures employed by the Chinese Communist regime in the persecution against this spiritual group since 1999 is very troubling. In this regard, the German government has submitted a list of practitioners being persecuted to the Chinese authorities, requesting it to stop discrimination and persecution of Falun Gong practitioners and to release detained practitioners."
  • Members of European Parliament Raise Question about Organ Harvesting Against Falun Gong Practitioners

    "On the 6th of July 2006 David Matas and David Kilgour, both Canadian lawyers, published their 'Report into Allegations of Organ Harvesting of Falun Gong Practitioners in China' following an independent investigation they carried out into the very disturbing stories leaking out of China that allegedly state institutions in the People's Republic of China have been harvesting human organs from innocent unconsenting live Falun Gong Practitioners, and killing the practitioners in the process by extra-judicial executions during the organ removal process."
  • French Human Rights Group Urges President Chirac to Pressure the CCP to End the Persecution

    Ms. Marie-Francoise Lamperti, president of the French human rights organization Agir pour les Droits de l'Homme, recently met with Laurent Billi, the Foreign Affairs Advisor for President Chirac. During the meeting, Ms. Lamperti emphasized the persecution of Falun Gong and asked the council to pass a letter from the French Falun Dafa Association to the President.
  • Vice-President of European Parliament Writes to Chinese Ambassador

    "On 21 May in Beijing I held a meeting with Mr Cao DONG, a Falun Gong practitioner, who had been ‘administratively detained’ for his religious beliefs. He had discharged his sentence and was guilty of no crime. Following this meeting, he was arrested. I have recently learned that he is still being detained by the Chinese public authorities, has been transferred to Gansu province and is being held in the Public Security Bureau detention centre. An arrest warrant for 'producing Falun Gong material' was issued on September 29 2006. I now insist that your superiors release him immediately: I am about to refer this matter to the United Nations in person."
  • UK Independence Party and Liberal Democrat Groups’ Response to “Organ Harvesting” in China

    The UK Independence Party wrote to the European Friends of Falun Gong to express their concern “about the practice of ‘organ harvesting’ from prisoners of conscience in China. MEP Graham said he and “his UKIP MEP colleagues all abhor the disgraceful practices and will do all they can to try and prevent it. “ He continues to say that they will give their support to “try and bring these horrific practices to an end.”
  • Organ Harvesting in China is Discussed at the UN Human Rights Council

    Mr. Manfred Nowak, specially assigned for the issue of torture, made a report to the Council and said that torture is widely used in the People’s Republic of China. Former Canadian Secretary of State David Kilgour brought up the issue of the CCP having removed organs from living Falun Gong practitioners and then cremating their bodies to eliminate the evidence.
  • David Kilgour Testifies about Organ Harvesting Atrocities at UN Human Rights Commission

    "Regarding whether or not the Chinese Communist regime has been harvesting the organs from Falun Gong practitioners and then cremating the remains to destroy the evidence, human rights attorney David Matas and I jointly released an investigation report in July. In our report, we have come to the regrettable conclusion that the allegations are true."
  • Foreign Ambassadors in London Express Concern about Organ Harvesting

    Ambassadors of various countries based in London wrote to the European Friends of Falun Gong to express their concern about organ harvesting from living people in China. The Ambassador of the Swiss Embassy wrote, “Thank you for your letter of 22nd of August 2006 concerning Falun Gong practitioners in China and the allegations of organ harvesting in that country. Switzerland has been conducting a human rights dialogue with China for several years now. Our priority topics include the right to freedom of religion and conscience and freedom from physical harm".
  • Michel Hunault, MEP, Calls for Protection of Falun Gong Practitioners' Rights

    Michel Hunault is a member of the French Parliament and a member of the European Parliament. He is also a member of the Human Rights Committee of the European Parliament. On September 12th, Mr. Hunault met David Kilgour in Paris and learned about the organ harvesting report authored by Kilgour, former Canadian Parliament member
  • European Commissioner’s Concern about Organ Harvesting in China

    "For the moment I can assure you that the European Commission attaches the utmost importance to the issue of organ harvesting. It is clear that the legislation on this recently adopted by the Chinese government does not adequately address the issue of donor consent, particularly for the those who have died in custody or have been executed. We have made our concerns known to the Chinese government both through our human rights dialogue and wider political channels, urging them in strong terms to take measures to address these concerns as a matter of urgency. We will continue to do so."
  • Falun Gong Task Force for Human Rights in Germany: Open Letter to the German Government, the Media and all Citizens.

    "The type of suffering that the CCP has wrought on the Chinese people during its 57 year reign is indescribable: 80 million people have died unnatural deaths. Today, countless Falun Gong practitioners are kept in labour camps, prisons, hospitals ... without a legal basis and they are slaughtered for profit as part of the organ trade."
  • European Parliament Passes Resolution Calling for Release of Bu Dongwei and Gao Zhisheng

    On September the 7th 2006, the European Parliament unanimously passed a resolution for a report of the EU-China relations, calling on the Chinese regime to release Falun Gong practitioner Bu Dongwei, lawyer Gao Zhisheng and other human rights defenders. The resolution was initiated by Charles Tannock MEP, Edward McMillan-Scott MEP and Simon Coveney MEP.
  • Joint Declaration by Members of Parliament in Sweden Across Parties: Chinese Communist Party Must Stop Live Organ Harvesting

    On the morning of September 4th, in Sergel Hotel at downtown Stockholm, Sweden, Helena Bargholtz, representative of the Swedish People's Party and Member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, and Gran Lindblad, member of the Council of Europe, hosted a forum with a theme "Investigating the allegation about CCP's live organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners". Members of Parliament across the parties attended the forum.
  • A Member of UK Parliament Urges a Full-Scale Investigation Into the Organ Harvesting in China

    Mr. David Howarth, a member of parliament representing the city of Cambridge, delivered a speech on August 15th, calling upon the UK government and all of the western governments to participate in the investigation of organ harvesting from live Falun Gong practitioners by the Chinese Communist regime. Mr. Howarth is associated with the Liberal Democrats.