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  • Germany: Believing in Master and the Fa, Experiencing the Wonders of Dafa

    Time flies, and I have been working in the Epoch Times project for almost 20 years. As the project leader, I finally realize it is my inescapable responsibility to establish and maintain a good cultivation environment. Now our office in Berlin has established a stable environment for studying the Fa and doing the exercises and an environment for looking inward. I deeply feel that practicing Dafa makes us a whole body.
  • Austria: My Experiences Working for Shen Yun in 2022

    After gradually coming to a deeper understanding of Zhen Shan Ren (Truthfulness Compassion Tolerance) and what this means for us practitioners, I am able to complete the task with a clear conscience. Before this I was not able to complete the task because of an attachment to fear. Moreover, with the strengthening of righteous thoughts, I was able to help those people who had come to see the performance to not make mistakes, and so that they would not regret it afterwards.
  • Latvia: My Cultivation Experience as a New Practitioner

    I first held Zhuan Falun in my hands in April 2022, when a person who had been practicing cultivation for more than eight years gave me the book after a short intro into this immense and new world to me. It felt heavy in my hands, but at the same time, I could feel the lightness it held inside. And it turned out that I was right for both – up until now, I have experienced that it is truly hard to and, at the same time, wonderfully easy to practice cultivation with the help of our Master.
  • Germany: Stepping Out of Humanness

    As the weeks went by, I noticed myself becoming more and more disconnected from my ordinary work. It seemed less and less important to me, and I would much rather work for The Epoch Times. In my free time, I also stopped thinking about ordinary work and started thinking about The Epoch Times. My sense of responsibility and affiliation with The Epoch Times were continuously strengthened.
  • Sweden: Saving People with the Art of Zhen Shan Ren Exhibitions in Sweden

    The exhibition was very successful and even many prominent people came. The people who live on the island are affluent and among the most influential people in Sweden. Because we worked together like one body and laid a solid ground for our future exhibitions, we got in touch with one person who, after visiting our exhibition, invited our exhibition to participate in the 2021 Gothenburg Book fair in September, free of charge.
  • Poland: Cultivation Experiences Through Catering Work

    The most pressing issue was finding professional chefs. Chefs are the key to catering services. After years of Dafa disciples' efforts and Master's support, many have overcome difficulties and are running better and better. Dafa disciples also established their own mighty virtue in them
  • Germany: How I Crawled Out of my Shell

    I am 17 years old and have cultivated since being in my mother’s womb, where I started to participate (although indirectly) in many Dafa activities. It is not often that children or teenagers write a report, so most adults do not know what our cultivation is like. I hope my report will give some insight into the cultivation of a teenage practitioner.
  • Serbia: The Power of Unconditional Cooperation

    I was surprised by the great desire of people to be photographed next to the Shen Yun posters, even with a mask on their face. The posters are well designed for sure, but good design is the standard these days and people still don't take pictures in front of every well designed poster. However, before the show, as well as during the break, the audience waited in line to take a photo next to the poster of Shen Yun.
  • Germany: Rectifying Myself in Dafa and Embodying the Whole Group

    I explained to the guests that this jewellery line’s name “xianlian” stands for divine lotus which comes out of the mud without being stained, symbolizing the people who still kept noble character in turbulent times. As a Dafa disciple, shouldn't I be more like this? You cannot complain just because you are in an unsatisfactory situation, and you cannot let your own selfishness sully the pure field where Shen Yun saves people. That set of jewellery has been immensely popular from the moment it appeared to the end of the tour this season.
  • Switzerland: My Experiences in the Past Three Years of Cultivation

    According to the principle of “no loss, no gain”, my work environment is on the one hand very demanding, but on the other hand offers me opportunities to reach out to people I might not necessarily be able to reach otherwise. When dealing with everyday people, I try to keep Master’s words in mind that now many people in this world have special backgrounds and, in a sense, are cultivating.
  • UK: Studying the Fa, Cultivating Xinxing and Helping Shen Yun

    In the end, fellow practitioners reached an agreement: Under any circumstance, we must let Shen Yun performers eat well, which is the purpose of our visit. During this period, our chef adjusted the menu and tried his best to make many dishes that Shen Yun performers like to eat. Although the time for rest was short, no one felt tired at all. We knew that Master was strengthening us.
  • France: Master Will Bestow On Us Everything We Need

    Since the solicitor understood my good intentions, the commission was reduced when doing the new procedure. After that, a series of tests took place. I faced the test with the mentality of a Dafa disciple, and I eliminated more attachments to money, losses, and benefits. Finally, in mid-December last year, I signed the contract and got the keys. This process took a full 6 months, and such a transaction would only take 1 month for ordinary people to complete.
  • Czech: My Experience as a New Czech MC for Shen Yun

    The shows in Prague were two weeks later. I kept repeating the scripts and further worked on my body language. I already had experience from the first two shows. My goal was to have everybody in the audience thinking I am a total professional.
  • UK: Experiences from Peacefully Protesting Outside the CCP Embassy in London for 20 Years

    The 5th of June 2022, marks the passing of 20 springs, summers, autumns and winters since UK Dafa disciples have held 24 hour peaceful protests in front of the CCP embassy. It is Master's mercy and support and fellow practitioners' selfless cooperation, which has enabled us to get to this day. Included among those who have participated are 80 and 90 year old disciples, and also little disciples who have come along with their parents.
  • Germany: Cultivating Myself and Coordinating with the Whole While Cooperating with Shen Yun in Rescuing People

    Although I am the coordinator of the catering team, I know that everyone just has a different division of the job. No one is superior or inferior, and they are all essential elements in the salvation of people. Each fellow practitioner has their own strengths and weaknesses. As a coordinator, one must make good use of their strengths. As long as they cooperate with each other, learn from each other's strengths and overcome their weaknesses, and remind each other, they will surely be able to do good jobs.