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  • Cyprus: Truth clarification opportunities

    At the activity, when we finished the fourth exercise, a woman wearing a Falun pendant approached us with enthusiasm. She was holding a pile of Ganjing World flyers and Chinese Minghui reports. She was a practitioner from England, on holiday with her husband. From early in the morning she meditated by the harbour and then she distributed flyers in the nearby tourist area. While we were all meditating, I felt strongly within my heart gratitude for Master’s arrangements.  
  • France: Diligence and Perseverance

    In the summer of 2022, I suddenly began to experience illness karma. In the past, the illness karma would be gone within a day or two. Although at the start of the pandemic, I experienced symptoms of coughing and having a fever, but I recovered within a week. This time, when the illness karma first manifested, I didn’t pay attention to it. However, for more than three weeks, my condition kept getting worse. It was affecting my ability to collect signatures in truth clarification. The cause had to be a loophole in my cultivation.
  • Germany: Letting Go of Selfishness through Saving Sentient Beings

    For years I’ve been clarifying the truth face-to-face at Cologne Church Square. I enlightened that in front of ordinary people I should be humble and interact more with them. I should let them talk first, open their hearts by learning more about their situation and thoughts, and create a more friendly atmosphere for communication. 
  • Latvia: Finding Dafa, cultivating solidly without letting up

    When I was practicing the standing exercises I would also yawn, and tears would stream forth, although not as many as when I would listen to the Fa. Sometimes, when I was reciting Teacher’s “Hong Yin” poems from memory, tears would also stream forth, and it was completely beyond my control. Sometimes I would also think, wasn’t this showing that more than seven years of eye drops were being expelled out of my body? Anyhow, when tears flowed, I would feel very comfortable, and gradually my eyes were not blurry anymore, and I could see characters clearly again, and I could also read Master’s Fa lectures online again.
  • France: Balancing Family Life, Work Life And Cultivation Through The 2023 Shen Yun Promotion

    I asked everybody in my family to consider me as an employee traveling on business every week. Thus, my regular absence from home is easily accepted. When I am at home, I am attentive to the needs of all family members. Joyfully, I tell them the stories of the days spent on the move and the encounters with sentient beings. Every time I get home, often late after midnight, I see the big pile of laundry washed, dried and carefully folded by my spouse. It saves me hours of ordinary work. Thus, I found a family balance with the great help of Master.
  • UK: Cherish the opportunity to cultivate

    Once, during this period, the shopping centre coordinator had not confirmed the team members till very late. Some of them were either busy or lived in a remote place with inconvenient transport. I had to work, but I worked with him to coordinate our weekend team members. There was one practitioner who didn’t live in London, and would be late due to the traffic. He lived north of London, while I was in the northwest. I wanted to go to his city to pick him up, then I would drive to London. It was a bit of a detour, but was still feasible, so I contacted him and promised I would go to his house to pick him up and go to the shopping centre together.
  • Spain: Cherish This Eternal Holy Predestined Connection

    One day, my usually mild-tempered husband suddenly started to criticise and scold me for no reason. I vigorously argued with him, and the situation escalated. Seeing that I wouldn't stop, my husband suddenly said, "Aren't you practicing Falun Dafa?" I immediately replied, "That has nothing to do with my practice." He looked stunned for a moment and walked away. As I studied Zhuan Falun, every word and sentence struck my stubborn human attachments, and I asked myself, "How could I argue without any reservations like an ordinary person? Is this how a true cultivator behaves?"
  • Sweden: Challenges Encountered on the Path of Cultivation

    After thoroughly looking within, I realised that behind this seemingly small task lay so many of my attachments. Once I straightened out my mentality, I opened my computer to purchase the display racks. This time, among the numerous options, I easily selected the suitable products. The rest of the process went smoothly as well. The received display racks were perfect for our needs, and every single rack found its purpose. Not a single penny was wasted.
  • Italy: My Cultivation Experiences during Shen Yun promotion 2023

    To be able to participate in Shen Yun and Dafa projects is a great honor and a unique and priceless opportunity. Among the countless and infinite sentient beings in the cosmos, I have the opportunity to be a Dafa Disciple of the Fa Rectification Period and to be able to assist Master in this special historical period. How many beings are there in the cosmos? Master is offering us great honors and I have to live up to this.
  • France: Clarifying the Truth in University and on Social Media

    I am a young Chinese practitioner born in 2002. I obtained the Fa while attending university in China in 2022. After half a year of practicing Falun Dafa, I came to France for an exchange program. Here, I will share my cultivation experiences, including my pursuit of Dafa during my growth and the truth clarification efforts I engaged in at school and the "End CCP" signature collection project on Facebook.
  • Sweden: Cultivate myself better to save all sentient beings in my area

    During my cultivation journey, I have experienced so many things and have often heard from other practitioners about different phenomena such as the attachment to doing things. But when you really experience them yourself, it is another thing than to just hear about it.
  • Germany: Assisting and Responsibility

    I was afraid of making mistakes because that in turn meant loss of face. Later, I understood that I had too little faith in my fellow practitioners. When they see my numerous mistakes, they will react according to the Fa, because they are disciples of the same Master. Why the fear? Our Master encourages us to go our own way, and my understandings in the Fa show me the way to guide my fellow practitioners well: by cultivating openly and sincerely, as our revered Master teaches us.
  • Russia: Cultivation Miracles working on different projects

    I know that the desire to show oneself off  is a very bad thing, it's very vicious, and I want to get rid of it. Since it is linked to many other attachments, it is not so easy to get rid of it. But if the mind is clear, then you can suppress bad thoughts related to the desire to show off and not let them manipulate you. It is such a wonderful feeling when you are free of that substance, and you become indifferent to worldly fame and profit, and you are filled with good energy. Of course, this process is slow, and you can not get rid of all the bad things immediately, but if you cultivate diligently, you can achieve high standards.
  • Austria: Taking responsibility for sentient beings and about the wonders of Shen Yun

    I have realized that this trust is a manifestation of forbearance. As I have to endure in the process. I have to have the patience to carry everything on until the manifestation on the surface also shows itself. It is important that I do not do the tasks as work, but with a righteous attitude and clarity of mind and that I look inwards when there are conflicts. And this half year with all its experiences, has also clearly shown me again that no matter how arduous my life is at the moment, as soon as I do the three things, everything is harmonized and I receive wisdom and serenity. 
  • Italy: Growing Under Master’s Compassionate Blessings

    From obtaining the Fa to the present, the journey has been full of stumbling blocks. Each step has never been reached without Master's care and empowerment. Cultivation is like rowing against the current. But with Master by our side, what seemed impossible can become possible. When we comply with the Fa, Master can do anything. It is because of compassionate Master that I have been given opportunities to purify myself during this process, so that I can ultimately return home with Master.