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  • Israel: Only the cultivation and practice of Dafa allowed me to go through the tests

    All this time Shifu was helping me, by holding my throat and raising part of it so I could speak how He wanted me to speak. Now, he was letting go and letting me do this by myself, without the help, thus I didn’t feel the hand on my throat anymore and it was actually harder to make the right voice. What seems like a "test" might be a blessing from above, and a so-called "blessing" might be the real test.
  • France: Cultivation Experience in Running a Tianti Bookstore in Paris

      As a cultivator, I should not be in contention with an ordinary person. From a cultivation perspective, my competitive mentality arose just because my appointment was postponed. How could I run Tianti Bookstore with such a mindset? Looking inward, I also saw that although I diligently studied the Fa and practiced the exercises every day, when dealing with matters, especially when the other party didn't know I was a Falun Dafa practitioner, I seemed to exempt myself from adhering to Dafa's principles. This was a clear case of not genuinely cultivating.
  • Spain: Facing attachments and eliminating gaps doing merchandise work for Shen Yun

    We are Dafa Dizi and our hearts are devoted to assisting Master. When we truly put Dafa first, help comes to us. This is what we clearly felt because when the Shen Yun tour in Spain ended this year and we returned home suddenly more orders started coming in to our business, my daughter was able to take her exams and got very good grades, and my husband's family has seen that closing the business for 2 weeks didn't hurt us and commented on how nice the Shen Yun commercials looked on TV.
  • Germany: Letting Go of the Heart of Complaint and Comfort

    How far was I from enlightenment anyway, when I can't even let go of this hidden "heart of complaint" and these things? Are there other attachments that I had not realized? Was the "heart of grievance" the real attachment, or were there deeper attachments? Can I still cultivate at all, can I even reach the ultimate goal of cultivation? Doubts arose in me for the first time. 
  • France: Grateful to Master for my two years of cultivation 

    Having obtained the Fa for two years, I am filled with gratitude. I deeply admire those veteran practitioners who started their cultivation journey right after Master first taught the Fa. It was not easy for me to obtain the Fa; I entered when I had no other way. I cherish this final period of the Fa-rectification, knowing that I must diligently cultivate myself during this time.
  • Looking within when encountering conflicts and difficulties

    During conflicts and difficulties disciples have gone through, thanks to Master for not giving up on me, reminding me and encouraging me. I would like to become more diligent and truly cultivate, and to do the “Three things”!
  • Clarifying the truth through the Zhen Shan Ren art exhibition

    I am very thankful for these valuable encounters, recollections and experiences, as well as the glorious cooperation of all the practitioners from different parts of Sweden, and their efforts in making the exhibitions possible, enabling even more people to acquire this opportunity to obtain salvation.
  • My few realizations from cultivation practice

    Dafa disciples, whilst in the human world should complete the sacred mission of assisting Master rectify the Fa. Of course, we practice cultivation amongst people, and of course we will have human attachments, human sentimentality, but these things shouldn’t become elements that impede a cultivator from completing his or her mission.
  • Miracles happen while helping with Shen Yun related tasks

    The pure goodness and beauty of works in Shen Yun creation can surely help people to return to their true nature. Watching the contents of Shen Yun Creations relieved me from the distractions of a chaotic world.It was free from the moral degradation found in modern society. It gives me a perception of harmony and consonance with the divine culture.
  • Through teaching the exercises on the internet, spreading Dafa and saving the worlds people

    Up until now, we had already taught the exercises online for a whole year. This year, close to 400 people attended our online classes, came to know what Falun Gong is, and learned how to practice the exercises.
  • Romanian practitioner: "I have integrated within me the feeling of doing things for others"

    Once I was in the midst of Falun Dafa practitioners, I felt that I was one with each of them, that we were all there for the same purpose, which is to show the people of Warsaw the beauty, majesty, and grandeur of the practice of Falun Dafa.
  • Ukraine: My Trip to Help Shen Yun in Different European Cities

    I discovered these emotions of self-pity, as well as condemnation and accusation, I realised that this was not righteous and right now I needed to change the direction of my thoughts, to clear myself of all this. While I was in the process of improving my xinxing, I did not notice how a Vietnamese fellow practitioner silently approached the table and began to quickly cut fruit of different colors and flavors. I joined her to help and within 10-15 minutes the trays were beautifully and harmoniously decorated. I understood the principle - how to do things unconditionally and quietly.
  • UK: The Path to NTD

    I truly felt the compassion of Dafa disciples. I developed a unique bond and friendship with my classmates that is serving as an example to draw upon as I go on into the future. While learning technical reporting skills, our lessons were also strong cultivation experiences. My time there resolved many deep and subtle issues I had faced. Shortcomings were revealed with great compassion - with laughter and acceptance, as well as a point in the right direction. I also took lessons from every person I spent time with - no matter how long or how short.
  • Italy: Looking inward to overcome adversities and witness Dafa miracles

    And on reflection, it was the people close to me that I should have saved, my husband and my brother's family, to whom I had given the tickets, the ones who were causing me the most problems and whose judgment worried me the most. Armed with this understanding, I have been able to let go of this attachment and proceeded with the Shen Yun promotion without thinking about home in a worried way, while calling anyhow every day.
  • Latvia: Xinxing cultivation opportunities within the Shen Yun project

    I understood that if you act and think like an ordinary person, then everything will happen to you like an ordinary person. in a sense, with my unrelinquished human notions and attachments, I had brought upon myself this wrong state. In any situation a practitioner must remain clear headed and be ready for new challenges. The old forces are ready to test us, even in those moments when we feel we have elevated. In those cases, they can use the state of zealotry and unremoved human feelings like joy and satisfaction.