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  • Property Of Overseas Investors is Confiscated By Chinese Authorities Because They Practise Falun Gong

    Mr. Cai asked the police why they ransacked his factory and seized the truck, since his company did not violate any law. Brigade leader Huang Jingwei replied, "This had nothing to do with you or your company. It is a political matter. You have to come here in person to claim your truck." Mr. and Mrs. Cai had always lived abroad and had never encountered such blatant law breaking activity by police. They thought it was like the recurrence of "the Great Cultural Revolution." They had no idea where to go from here.
  • Brutality in Xiguoyuan Detention Centre: Handcuffs and Shackles Cut into Flesh, Infected Wounds Are Left Untreated

    Since he was detained, he has been forced to sleep on the ground under the bed. Because the cell was gloomy, cold and damp, scabies developed on his body and he had difficulty squatting or sitting. He was still forced to do hard labour. The sanitation at the detention centre was very poor and the scabies infestation made it difficult for him to move around. He had to work kneeling on the ground. As of February of 2003, he had been forced to sleep on the ground for five months
  • Three Sisters Inhumanly Tormented by Shijiazhuang Police

    On May 8, 2003, police from the Shijiazhuang "610 Office" arrested Li Huiqi's other sister Li Huixin (who had been forced into homelessness in order to avoid being arrested). They then dragged Li Huixin to Li Huiqi's home, and arrested Li Huimin who was taking care of Li Huiqi at the time. Li Huimin tried to reason with the police: "Li Huiqi is completely paralysed and she needs constant care. If you take her caretaker away that is as good as killing her. If you take me away, who will take care of her?"
  • Practitioners Illegally Imprisoned in Rujiang and Taiyu Forced Labour Camps

    They also sent batches of steadfast Dafa practitioners to the "706" (Taiyu Female Labour Camp). There, police administered week-long sleep deprivation combined with intense brainwashing. The torture Dafa practitioners endured there cannot be imagined. Those practitioners who went on hunger strike to protest their illegal detainment had their hands and feet tied to an iron bed. Police inserted a rubber tube into their nostrils and forced it down to their stomachs, and then aggressively poured in salt water mixed with food.
  • Shibalihe Forced Labour Camp Attempt to Cover up True Reason for Death of Elderly Lady Dafa Practitioner

    Later, she was found dead beside a sink outside the workshop. Wang Yan, the labour camp chief, said that Sun Guilan, "hung herself on a rope from the water pipe in the toilet." However, according to observations, the water pipe is less than one metre above the floor, so it would have been impossible for Sun Guilan to die from hanging on this pipe. The labour camp tried to use various means to cover up Sun Guilan's death.
  • Atrocities Committed in Heizuizi Forced Labour Camp Leave Dafa Practitioners Unrecognisable to Relatives and Friends

    The prison guards brutally shocked her mouth with electric batons, and continued again the next day. This practitioner''s mouth swelled very badly, making her not only unable to eat, but nearly unable to open her mouth. Hence this practitioner could not take care of her daily life by herself. When her relatives and friends came to visit her, they could not even recognise her. Furthermore, prison guards forced her to stand in front of a big mirror and insulted her.
  • Appalling Torture of Female Dafa Practitioner in Benxi City

    For more than ten days in the detention centre, Zhang Huishuang was persecuted to the point of becoming incoherent. After she got out, and after two months of being in a state of half-life, half-death and under the tender care of fellow practitioners, Dafa's miraculous effects caused Zhang Huishuang to finally awake and stand up again.
  • Fearful "610 Office" Orders Police to Monitor College Student Around the Clock

    The "610 Office" sends a policewoman to "escort" her everywhere she goes, and she is not even allowed to live in the Conservatory's student dorms. She was assigned to a separate house where she is under strict surveillance at all times except during her classes. She has to return to the Brainwashing Centre during holidays. Even when she goes back to visit her relatives and friends, she's only allowed to stay for one to two hours.
  • Cherishing Materials that Clarify the True Facts About Falun Gong

    As Falun Gong practitioners, we are supposed to cherish every piece of truth-clarification material. Our compassion to the people in the world, our mind and our performance reflect the truth. The precious materials are the product of the practitioners' hard work; the materials tell the people of Teacher's compassion; the materials display the mighty virtue of Falun Dafa and the practitioners' righteous minds; the materials help the people understand the truth, be saved from lies and have a wonderful future.
  • Tortured To Brink of Death, then Sent Home to Die: Baoding Labour Camp is Responsible for the Passing of Di Wanqing's Life

    To protest the brutal torture, Di Wanqing and other practitioners held a hunger strike. They were brutally and frequently force-fed. Because of this long-term torture, Di Wanqing developed severe oedema, with extra fluid in his stomach and intestines. He couldn't move and was on the verge of death. The guards quickly sent him home to avoid responsibility for their actions and his condition. Unable to recover, Mr. Di Wanqing passed away on May 1, 2003.
  • Female Dafa Practitioner Passes Away Following Torture and Abuse by Jixi City Police

    because Ms. Zhao went to appeal for Falun Dafa, she was arrested and detained at the Hengshan District Branch Office of the Jixi City Police Department, where she was beaten and sworn at. After Ms. Zhao was released, she kept on diligently practising Falun Dafa. In April 2003, she was again arrested by the Hengshan District Branch Office. The police brutally tortured her in order to extract a confession from her. As a result of the torture and abuse, she passed away in May.
  • Elderly Practitioner Dies at Hands of Wuan City Police

    Because medical examinations indicated that he was very weak, the labour camp refused to take him. He was therefore taken back to the detention centre. Because of the brutal torture he received, his legs were swollen and he had difficulty swallowing food. Seeing that he was in critical condition, the detention centre extorted 3000 Yuan from his family and asked them to take him home.
  • Recalling the Haunting Memories of Two Years of Torture and Persecution

    Holding my head down with her foot, she handcuffed me with hands behind my back and shocked me repeatedly, then cruelly sprayed me in the face with a hot pepper spray. I could not open my eyes with the burning pain! My eyes and nose ran profusely and I almost suffocated. My face and hands were swollen and full of scars. The asylum had three rooms designated for detaining Falun Dafa practitioners, labelled with a sign on a blackboard reading "rooms for insane people."
  • County Chief Learns the True Situation of Falun Dafa and Now Protects Falun Dafa Practitioners

    The County Chief listened to the practitioner and took the official from the "610 Office" on a wild goose chase. He took the official to a locked up house and told the official, "The owner of the house practises Falun Dafa but he is not home." He also kept taking the official to different places where he knew that no practitioners would be. The official ended up not leaving without having obtained any guarantee statements at all.
  • Encouraged by the Righteous Actions of People Who Have Learned the Truth

    Since July 20, 1999, my son and I have been detained for revealing the true situation of Falun Gong. We were "re-educated" through forced labour for a period of three years. Because of this my husband withstood a lot, both spiritually and financially. In the beginning he didn’t have a clear understanding, and even had a small hatred towards Falun Dafa, but later he gradually distinguished between what is right and wrong and that between the righteous and the evil. He not only admires the great actions of Falun Dafa practitioners, but he also started to be proud of being part of a family that has Falun Dafa practitioners.